New Reebok Kicks

When Reebok is giving an additional 30% off in addition to their end of the summer sales, I can’t help myself.

The CrossFit Speed TR has been my favorite shoe for the gym so getting a second pair for $56 was a steal. The color is called “Vitamin C” and looked a lot more orange-ish on the web site when I ordered them. The color of my photo makes them look even different; they are more of a pink/salmon in person. I’ll rock ’em, because I’m not returning them.

For only $28, the Reebok Runner was an easy selection, especially since my size was available in blue. My current running shoes are about a year old, so might be up for retirement. The sockliner in these has a memory foam, which I’m looking forward to trying.

I love buying shoes. 🙂

Reebok CrossFit Nano 7

When I picked up the new Nano 7 I could immediately sense the improvements in the quality of materials over the previous versions of the shoe. Not to say they were bad, but the weave they used feels so much different on the 7. Overall the shoe seems to be a good mix of the best parts of each previous Nano. I think it’s also the best looking one.

I wore them for heavy back squats last night and they felt solid and stable.

Check out these cool new ads for Reebok’s “Be More Human” campaign.

Reebok Lifestyle Classic Leather

When Zappos sent me a $20 “reward” I didn’t hesitate to order a new pair of shoes. They came with an interesting warning I’ve never seen before…

Due to the unique nature of fine leather and suede, there may be occasions when minor color transfer occurs, especially in wet conditions.

When wet, it is best to keep this product from touching other lighter-colored products until it has completely dried.

I’m Pumped

When we grow up we still want the things we wanted as kids. I finally have a pair of Pumps.

No More Dissin’ Reebok

Baker is one of about 425 employees at Reebok who are taking part in a new fitness program that is transforming the sneaker maker’s Canton headquarters. Participants lost over 4,000 pounds collectively during 2011 – roughly the weight of an small SUV.

via Reebok on a mission to get its employees fit – The Boston Globe

Nike and Adidas have always been my go-to brands for exercise shoes and clothes. I’ve never owned anything made by Reebok until this past November. I’ve gained a new respect for Reebok because of their support for CrossFit and the culture they are encouraging with their employees. I’m looking forward to the new commercials they have coming out.