Review: Darkiron Massage Gun

Last year I used a Hypervolt massage gun at my friend’s house and thought it was pretty cool. I wasn’t going to pay $300+, for what is essentially a fancy jig saw, though. Theragun also makes really nice ones, but those can even run up to $600! A couple of weeks ago I saw a thread on Reddit with a link to some more afordable options. I clicked on one and saw really good reviews. It looked nearly identical to the Hypervolt with more speed settings and a lot of attachments. After an Amazon Prime discount, $10 coupon, and tax it came to $95.39. That’s a price tag I could feel okay about spending on a device I might not use much. It’s the Darkiron Massage Gun and here’s an Amazon link to it.

When I opened the box there was even a little card with an offer to get a free battery after submitting a review. Could be why their reviews are so good. 😉  After a little use I submitted an Amazon review, emailed the company, and received a spare battery within a week.

This thing is pretty quiet and runs for 90 minutes on a single charge. As you can see it comes with a bunch of attachments, though I’ve only used the soft ball so far. The case is nice too. I’m really happy with my purchase and it’s a gun I can recommend for the price.

Rumble Roll

A few weeks ago I bought a Rumble Roller from Rogue Fitness. It’s the best purchase I’ve made in a long time. I’ve been rolling several times a day since I got it and it’s making a big difference in my recovery and how sore I get.

I went with a 30″ for about $70 but may also pick up a small one for traveling. It’s that good! I didn’t have much experience with foam rolling before this, but went with the firm one even though they recommend starting with the original density roller. I highly recommend you go firm as well. It can hurt pretty good when you hit your tight spots, but you’ll get used to the pain and isn’t that the whole point anyway? You want to get those kinks out so they don’t hurt for days at a higher degree.

Instead of sitting around doing nothing while you watch TV, you could be on your living room floor, rolling the shit out of your muscles. Fix yourself!