PUMA Ignite Pwrsport

I started wearing PUMA golf shoes in 2016 and loved them. The pair I bought last year weren’t very good though. When I was looking for a new pair for the 2019 season, I found these. With the golf course drying out, I finally wore them today. The grip was great and there were comfortable. Since I walk most of the time, shoes make a huge difference over 4 hours on my feet.

PUMA Golf Grip Sport

Two years ago I tried PUMA golf shoes and loved them. I bought a similar pair last year. Here is this year’s new pair of PUMAs.


They are super comfortable walking around the house. I’m curious how good of a grip they’ll get, but imagine it should be good considering the word is in the name of the shoe model.

Puma BioDrive

I usually walk the course so I’m looking forward to trying these lightweight spikeless golf shoes.