Real Good Pizza

One of my friends at the gym had tried a frozen pizza made by Real Good Foods Co. that looked interesting, so I bought a couple of them.

The crust is made from chicken and parmesan cheese! There are two servings so it makes a quick meal containing 8 grams of carbs, 32 grams of fat, and 50 grams of protein.

I hade this one for lunch today. I followed the instructions to microwave it for 4 minutes, which made a huge mess when the cheese flowed over the cardboard disc, so next time I’ll do it on a separate plate. Then I put it in a pan for a couple of minutes firm up the “crust.”

It was “real good” and the crust was much better than I expected.

Carbs, Sugar, OMFG!

Large pizza from Papa John’s with pepperoni, bacon, Canadian bacon/ham, Italian sausage, and mushrooms, 2 Liter of Mountain Dew, and a Cinnapie. For the past month I’ve been eating strict on a Paleo Challenge for Survival Fitness and seen some amazing results, but it’s time for a cheat meal now that the challenge is over. If any of this is left by the end of the day I will have failed! No, I am not sharing.

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