Moving a Thermostat

As I’m preparing my new office, I realized it didn’t make sense to keep the thermostat for the front heating zone in the old/current office anymore. In the winter I’ll probably keep the doors closed and the register shut in that room unless I’m using it. So today I wanted to move the thermostat to the new office.

Disconnecting the thermostat and pulling wire through the basement was a walk in the park. Getting wire up the wall and through a small hole is no easy task though. I was playing around with some ideas in my head when I remembered I had an endoscope. I bought it 3 years ago, to the day, on Woot, knowing it would come in handy one day. Which reminds me of this quote from Adam Savage.

Today was that day! A couple of friends even made fun of me at the time, asking what in the world I’d ever need it for. I love proving people wrong when they doubt me. 😉

Ok, so what did I do? First, I found a hole in the basement that led up to a light switch on the back of the wall where I wanted to put the thermostat. Then I drilled some holes where I’d mount the thermostat. I tied a washer to a piece of string, for some weight, and fed it through the hole and down the wall. I uncoiled a wire coat hanger and made a small hook on the end. I fed the endoscope and wire hook up through the hole, found the string, and pulled it down through the hole. Success!

The hard part was done. I looped my thermostat wire around the washer.

I fed that back up through the hole. Then I went upstairs and pulled the string and wire up through my hole in the wall.

From there it was just a matter of mounting the thermostat and connecting wires.

Confusing Reflections

After getting a Ring doorbell camera, I moved the Nest camera that had been directed at the front door to the back door and finally signed up for Nest Aware. Once or twice a week, it’ll alert me that it sees a person, when in fact it’s seeing a reflection of me. Here’s an example.

The camera sits on a table in my sunroom. Due to the sliding door leading out to the sun room, the sunroom windows, and the night lighting it looks like I’m on the other side of the dining room sliding door. Very confusing to a camera.

Nesting the House


I installed 2 Nest Protects on Friday, the first thermostat today, and 2 more thermostats should be here tomorrow or Thursday depending on the weather delays with shipping.

My house has 4 heating zones, so it’ll be interesting to see how everything works together. I’m leaving the old digital thermostat in the basement because I never really go down there and keep it at a constant temperature.