AC Maintenance for a Tesla Model 3

If you have a Tesla Model 3, the air conditioning system may start to smell like rotten feet. That probably means it’s time to replace some air filters and clean the AC coils. You can either pay Tesla around $150 to do it or get what you need from Amazon for about $35. It was really easy by following this guide and only required one tool.

Look how dirty those filters were after 20 months.

Spark Required

Pro tip: After running the gas tank dry, disconnecting the spark plug, removing the blade, changing the oil, installing a new blade, and filling the gas tank… you need to reconnect the spark plug if you want to start the engine.

For as bad as the air filter was that I replaced last week, the old oil was so much worse. Thick, black sludge and not much in the engine to drain. From now on I’ll try to perform these maintenance tasks more often than every 6 years.