I'm Awake At 5am On iDay, The Launch Of The iPhone

I’m going to go get in line at my local AT&T store to wait for an iPhone. Ok, so not really. I’m awake because of a combination of needing some pain pills for the dental work I had done yesterday morning and my sprinkler system woke me up as well.

I have decided to get my hands on an iPhone tomorrow though. I won’t be crashing all night like these people. I think they’re a little crazy, but it’s exciting at the same time. I hope I can get in line here in Saginaw no earlier than 5pm and easily be able to get one. I’ll update my status with my Twitter account (which I hope to have integrated into this site sometime in the near future, especially if I get an iPhone).

I’m just so sick of my Razr and can’t wait for the iPhone. I know there are some drawbacks, but a lot of the things people are talking about can easily be added or fixed with updates from Apple right through iTunes. In addition to having an all in one device, I’m very excited to have the Internet on a phone which is actually useful.