Nailed It

I wanted to make something fun for a few Christmas gifts, so I made some letter magnets.

This fridge magnet (M for Momrik) was for my sister-in-law, Karen since I drew her name in our family gift exchange.


I also made two Ws (Williams) for my friends’ boys to go along with the frames we built.

I bet you’re wondering how the nail got in these. 😉

A Message to TaylorMade

I just sent the following message to TaylorMade. We’ll see what happens.

I have a set of the Burner irons that I purchased almost 2 years ago at the Saginaw Golf Centre in Saginaw, MI. Last September during a round of golf the 6 iron snapped inside the hosel and the head went flying down the fairway on a par 3. The shop called it in and then sent in the club for a free repair. I had my club back in about 3 weeks.

This past Sunday the same thing happened to my 5 iron on a shot just off the fairway. Since I’m out in Phoenix, AZ for a few months I took the club in to the PGA Tour Superstore in Scottsdale. They sent the club in and I expect I’ll get it back in about 3 weeks as well.

I just got home from the driving range, where the same exact thing has now happened to my 8 iron. This is starting to get ridiculous!

Every time I swing the club now I’m afraid something is going to break. I’m sure I could get this club sent in for a free repair as well, but I think it’s time to ask for a different option. How many more clubs out of this set are going to break on me?

Three clubs have now broken in less than 6 months and I’ll be without 2 of them for the next several weeks if I stick to the same repair options. It makes it tough to play golf without a full bag. Is there a way I could exchange my clubs for a new set or get some type of refund?

I’ve long been a fan of TaylorMade, but my confidence in the brand is fading fast. In addition to my irons, I play a hybrid, 5 wood, and 3 wood from your company. Before they started breaking, I’ve loved all of the clubs.

Please let me know how we can address the issues I’m having with these irons.