Golf Course Nutrition


I like to walk the course when I golf, which ends up being around 6 miles at the Sawmill. It can get exhausting, especially on the really hot days. One thing I’ve been doing this year is packing a small cooler so I can eat throughout the round and I don’t run out of water.

In previous years I’d often get headaches after golf rounds, probably from the sun and dehydration. The headaches have pretty much been eliminated and I haven’t felt my energy fading over the last 3-4 holes like in previous years. Probably has something to do with my improved scoring this summer too.

The Problem of Overhydration

The reality is you don’t need to be told when and how much to drink. We have a 300 million year developed system that tells you with exquisite accuracy how much you need to drink and when you need to drink. It’s called thirst. If you rely on thirst you won’t ever become dehydrated, and you won’t also ever become overhydrated.

via Tim Noakes on the Serious Problem of Overhydration in Endurance Sports

People try to complicate the body and it’s processes, when it does a hell of a good job on it’s own. We haven’t evolved this far with bodies that don’t know how to regulate.