The Power Drill Clutch

A couple of weeks ago I learned what the adjustment dial (called the clutch) on a power drill does. I’ve had a DeWalt power drill for about 15 years and never understood how to use this feature; I always thought it was a speed change. I felt pretty dumb when I found out while watching the video below (which should start at the correct spot). Using this has already been a game changer!

Cutting a Cove With a Table Saw

I needed to fit a piece of wood up against the seam of a cylinder I created by rolling a sheet of polycarbonate. Remembered seeing of video of someone cutting coves with a table saw, so I found some simple instructions.

I didn’t need to be very precise for my use so wasn’t concerned with my guides having a little wiggle room. Worked great for what I needed. I love learning new stuff! New skill in the toolbox.

How To Make Almond Butter

Almond butter is an excellent treat and a great way to get those good fats into your diet, but it’s quite pricey to buy. Did you know you can make your own almond butter? It’s actually pretty easy. You need a decent food processor and some almonds. I bought a bag of raw almonds and a bag of dry roasted. When you buy the almonds make sure the only ingredient is raw almonds. You don’t want any salt or anything else in there.

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Unlock iPod Screen Lock If You Forget The 4 Digit Combination

I’ve have several a lot of people post questions on other posts here at MDV asking how to unlock the iPod Screen Lock function if you forget the 4 digit combination/pass code, so I figured I would write up a short tutorial here to direct people to.

There are basically three ways to unlock the Screen Lock on your iPod:

  1. The most obvious and will not work for most people (or else you wouldn’t be visiting this web site). Simply enter the 4 digit combination/pass code at Extras > Screen Lock.
  2. Connect your iPod to the first computer it was synced with or the computer set as the primary one in iTunes. Open the iTunes application, then disconnect your iPod from the computer, and it should no longer be locked.
  3. Use this final way only if the first two options do not work for you because it is a destructive process.

    Everything on your iPod will be erased.

    This should not be a problem if you have all of your songs, videos, and other media stored in iTunes and you can synchronize once again after getting the iPod unlocked. Besides, if you don’t unlock your iPod it’s useless right? Learn how to Restore your iPod using the instructions from Apple’s site.

If your iPod is simply frozen, follow my instructions for an iPod Lockup Reset.