Sub Nine

It’s been a good start to the year on the golf course and my handicap is under nine for the first time.

A Swing in the Right Direction

As a member of the Golf Association of Michigan, I get to post my scores in their USGA handicap system, which updates twice a month.


So far it’s been one of those summers where my golf game feels like it’s close. Over the last few weeks I’ve been dialing things in, but a few bad shots each round really cost me. Here’s to hoping I can clean up those mistakes and get back to single digits like last October, especially with a good start by shooting 79 today.

Single Digit Handicap

It’s been a great summer for golf in Michigan and I’ll probably end up playing more holes than I have since 2012. I’ve started to find a more consistent swing and have learned better course management, which has resulted in one of my best scoring years. I’m excited to see that my official USGA handicap dropped to single digits for the first time with a 9.7! Does this golf season have to end?