Nailed It

I wanted to make something fun for a few Christmas gifts, so I made some letter magnets.

This fridge magnet (M for Momrik) was for my sister-in-law, Karen since I drew her name in our family gift exchange.


I also made two Ws (Williams) for my friends’ boys to go along with the frames we built.

I bet you’re wondering how the nail got in these. 😉

CrossFit T-shirt

I got this Reebok CrossFit t-shirt from my Mom and Dad. It says, “How you do anything is how you do everything” and has some silhouettes of people excercising. It’s my favorite gift because they bought something that reflects who I am. After hearing me talk about my workouts for the past 2 months I guess they figured out I’m loving CrossFit.

Geek Books

Last week a package arrived from Amazon, but I didn’t remember ordering anything. Believe it or not I get packages all the time I forget I had ordered. As I opened the box I found a couple of books I’ve been meaning to buy for quite some time, but had definitely not purchased. Along with the books was a nice note explaining the books were a gift from a coworker I have yet to meet in person. The gift was very unexpected and made my day.

Both books were written by Rands (@rands), who I read online. Check out some of his stuff if you haven’t come across him before.