When I was looking at fruit in Mejier the other day I noticed wedges of jackfruit for $1.25. I’d never had it before so I bought one.


It was good and you get a lot out of it.

I started to remember seeing some of these back in Sayulita, Mexico during a 2012 trip for work. Sure enough, I had a picture!


LÄRABAR Makes Healthy Energy Bars

LÄRABAR produces healthy, gluten-free energy bars made from minimal, pure ingredients. I came across them early in January and ate them a lot as snacks on the golf course. Now that I’m on the Paleo diet they are the perfect snack.


I’ve tried the 4 flavors pictured above. Apple Pie and Cherry Pie are my favorites with Cherry getting a slight edge. I’m a sucker for Pecan Pie, but the bar is only so-so. The Banana Bread is edible, but I won’t buy it again. They show 19 flavors on their site. I’m curious to try some of the others. Have you tried any?

Compared to other energy bars, LÄRABAR are pretty cheap. I can usually find them on sale for $1/bar at Kroger or Walmart and stock up on 20 or more at a time. I really like that they are made from pure ingredients and don’t have any other crap in them. If you’re looking for a healthy snack give them a try.