Double Steak

Today I tried the new Angus Double Steak & Cheese from Quiznos. That is one awesome sandwich/sub! Too bad you need to take out a small loan to eat at the Q.

Service Me

Last night I stopped at Rally’s for some food on my way to watch the NCAA Championship. I was the only vehicle in the drive-thru and waited at least 5 minutes for my food. After driving off and opening the bag, I found they had give me a free order of fries. Now that’s what I call customer service! They didn’t owe me anything, but because they hadn’t provided “fast food” service, they decided to hook me up. The next time I want a burger, I’ll be choosing Rally’s over McDonald’s. If only more places of business realized the importance of customers.

Wednesday Plans

Went out to Hooter’s tonight with a few friends and had a nice surprise; the Wednesday special is all you can eat wings and fries for $8.95. We quickly decided we have weekly plans for hump day.

The Butt Slices

What did the butt of the bread ever do to you? Sure, it moons you each time you open the bag to take a few slices, but does it really have a choice? Unfortunately with each loaf of bread, two slices always get shafted as the outcasts of the group. Should they be outcasts simply because they are unique? It doesn’t make it any better when everyone who reaches into the bag moves the butt out of the way for a “real” slice of bread. Maybe we should feel a little more sympathetic and choose the butt first! That’s what I did this morning when I opened a fresh bag of bread. Guess what…I just ate my sandwich for lunch with the “butt slice” and it tasted just like any other sandwich. So next time you go for a piece of bread, think of how you might feel if you were picked last all the time.

Disclaimer: One butt slice of bread was harmed consumed while writing this post.

Another Day

It was a good day, as far as the new place goes. I slept in a little bit and then screwed around on the computer for an hour or so before getting started on my tasks for the day. I took down all of my posters, and looked for things I could do without. I managed to put a few boxes worth of stuff together, along with jackets, and some odds and ends. Enough for a load anyways. Took a bunch of shit out to the trash too…I think the whole damn dumpster is my stuff.

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The Trip

Sorry for the lack of postings this past week, but I didn’t have Internet access readily available. With that said, here is how the week went…

On Sunday, we (mom went with) took off for Detroit around 10 a.m. We had a connecting flight in Chicago and ended up landing in San Diego at about 6 p.m. It was nice gaining the extra 3 hours. The temperature was 78 degrees, but it was almost dark already. We picked up our rental car (Pontiac Grand Am), checked into the Wyndham (a very nice hotel) and grabbed something to eat at Chili’s, which was right in front of the hotel. After eating we decided to hit up a casino.

The Viejas Casino (pronounced “Vee-A-Haas”) was one that I had found online with a poker room. I scoped out the poker room and put my name on a waiting list for a table. It wasn’t too long and I was playing the $2/$4 beginner Hold’em table. Since it was the beginner table to teach people how to play, check-raising was not allowed. Talk about a loose table! People were playing every hand imaginable. I didn’t really get shit for cards the whole night or I could have made out like a bandit. Played for about 3 and a half hours and lost $22. Not too bad considering how bad my cards were.

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  1. I need to start cooking some more. Maybe some good recipes will help.
  2. I’m still not too sure about Orkut, but I’m checking my account more often now. If you want an invite, leave a comment and ask.
  3. Southwest Airlines has good rates on flights right now. I booked my mom’s flight with from Detroit to San Diego for a total of $295.
  4. I was really looking forward to seeing Blue Man Group and playing some Texas Hold’em out in Las Vegas. Someday!
  5. A magazine I’ve recently thought about subscribing to.
  6. Cool movies made using the game Halo. Which reminds me…I haven’t watched the last few episodes.
  7. A lot of good poker information.
  8. Free online golf handicap system.
  9. If I had a girlfriend, she would have gotten this for Valentine’s Day.
  10. Sick of seeing of all those motivational posters, plaques, and sayings all over the place? Despair Inc. was created with us in mind. I have a calendar and several of their posters.

Eat & Get Fat Day

Tomorrow has been labeled “Eat & Get Fat Day” at work. We are all bringing some type of food to snack on throughout the day. Mom was down last weekend and brought me big back of chex-mix so that is what I’m taking. I can’t bake or make anything great, so I’m taking the easy way out. We have about 14 people bringing food in, so it should make for an interesting day of work. At least I won’t be hungry!

Tomorrow night we have our Holiday Party for work. We’re going somewhere in Frankenmuth to eat, bowling afterwards, and then to the bar. It should be an event filled evening.