Mtn Dew: Summer Freeze

Is it just me or do they release a lot of blue flavors? Maybe I have a memory bias because it’s my favorite color.

B thinks it tastes like the bomb pop Faygo, but that was the 2022 Voo-Dew. I don’t get that and I’m having a hard time placing the taste, but the initial wave of aftertaste is very familiar. Overall it’s a solid flavor I’d drink again if someone gave it to me. I don’t think I’d buy one, so it gets a 6/10.

Coca-Cola Move

The newest Coca-Cola® Creation, co-created with one of the most daring artists in music today, is a celebration of transformation. A homage to all the versions of ourselves that coexist within us, and that forms our very own personality. Coca-Cola® Move is a tribute to the different faces of transformation, mixing a great, but familiar Coca-Cola® taste with both bold and delicate flavors.  Coca-Cola® Move is available for a limited time only, so get yours before the newest from Coca-Cola® Creations moves on for good.

From Coke’s site

This is some vanilla based flavor. I didn’t care for it after the first couple of drinks, but it grew on me a little, even though I wouldn’t buy it again. I’ll give it 5/10.

2023 Pepsi Peeps

2023 Limited Edition Artificial Marshmallow Flavored Pepsi

I’d seen something similar released before with no desire to try it. B brought a bottle home, so I have to give it a try. It’s terrible and I dumped out over half the bottle. You get a little bit of marshmallow smell and taste, but the aftertaste is horrible and it’s very sweet. Only gets a 1/10.

Mtn Dew: Pitch Black

Mountain Dew has brought back Pitch Black and I’m not sure I ever had it. I couldn’t find a MtDewVirus review for it, so here we are. I was trying to figure out what this tasted like when B said “It tastes like a flat grape Crush.” She had it. It’s a shitty version of a grape pop, so it only gets a 4/10. I would not buy this.

Mtn Dew: Typhoon

On Wednesday I saw a tweet from Mountain Dew about a new flavor I hadn’t heard of. It’s a flavor which was released to stores in 2010 but hadn’t been made in over a decade. It was only available through The Dew Store. It seemed like people had loved it, so I ordered a 6 pack of 16 ounce cans, which ran about $20 after shipping.

Dew with a Blast of Tropical Punch

I have a head cold this weekend so I wanted to drink a couple of cans before writing my review. This is easily one of the best flavors I’ve had, maybe only second (other than the original) to White Out. I’m glad I have four more cans to enjoy, but I don’t understand why they don’t keep some of these fan favorites around full-time.

I give it a 9.5/10.

Mtn Dew: Flamin’ Hot

This doesn’t even sound like a good idea and of course I was going to try it. The left side of the label says “Caution: Flamin’ Hot Taste” but there is no such thing. I definitely get a citrus flavor and can tell it’s a Mtn Dew, but there is no kick to it and not even a hint of an aftertaste. It’s actually a decent flavor, but due to falling short on its name I give it a 4/10.