Different Tastes

I tried a few different things last week.

These Skittles were weird. I wouldn’t buy them again.

I was very skeptical of Coke Zero, but it was actually decent. Certainly a lot better than Diet Coke, which is fucking gross. This is a suitable replacement for a Coke. I also tried a Cherry Coke Zero but there wasn’t much cherry flavor to it.

Be Mixed Moscow Mule

My buddy Mo had some zero calorie cocktail mixes made by Be Mixed that he used with LaCroix to make a refreshing Moscow Mule. I’m going to have to order some and definitely try the margarita mix.

Passion Grass

I was so pissed when I took the first drink and realized it was an IPA. Nope, I still haven’t found one I enjoy. Passion Grass tastes like ass!

Notice the label only says “ale,” otherwise there is no way I would have bought these. Now I have five more bottles of this shit to struggle through.