My iPhone

I didn’t get an iPhone on Friday, but the local AT&T store took a direct fulfillment order and I’ll get one before the store gets their next shipment. I got inline at 3:45 pm for the 6 pm sale of iPhones and I was #34 in line. The AT&T manager did a good of handling the line by taking everyone’s name, but when 6 pm rolled around the situation was horribly slow. It took nearly an hour for the store to go through their shipment of iPhones. And they only had 20! Yes, you read that right, they only received 20 iPhones, but it took an hour to sell them all.

I have no idea what was taking so long but they’d let in 4-5 people at a time because that is how many sales people could handle it I guess. Several people left the line after the iPhones sold out, so I wasn’t even the 34th person to go in the store and I didn’t get in my car until 7:20 pm. It was pretty ridiculous if you ask me.

I know it’s not the fault of the store for how many phones they received, but I do think they could have worked the line at least twice as fast as they did once 6 pm rolled around. I was very surprised the store only received 20 phones when it’s the only place within an hour drive where you could buy an iPhone. Hopefully it doesn’t take too long for them to ship it from the warehouse now.

I Want An iPhone

The iPhone comes out this Friday, the 29th. I was at the MacWorld Expo keynote in January when Steve Jobs announced the revolutionary phone/iPod/Internet device and I was very excited to see it. I’ve thought about it quite a bit because my current Verizon contract isn’t up until February, so if I did get one, I’d have to pay nearly $200 to cancel my contract. What to do?

I could wait until February to get the iPhone and by that time they might have a newer one available with more storage capacity and GPS capabilities. The price might drop a couple hundred bucks by then. But boy, would I love to have the iPhone right away.

When I grabbed the link to the Apple iPhone page, I saw the rate plans were there and it’s a lot more affordable than I (or anyone else) expected it to be. For $60 a month, which is $15 more than I currently pay, I can get the same number of minutes I get now, but I’ll have an unlimited data plan. The one big question about the iPhone right now is…how fast will data actually be on AT&T’s Edge network. There are so many great things about the iPhone, which I won’t waste my time going over here (just look it up on Google and you’ll find tons of info), but the data speed can really make or break the deal for me. If I bought the iPhone I’d be using it all the time because there really isn’t any other portable device out there with Internet capabilities like this.

So what do I do?

If I decide to get one, you can bet, I’ll be posting again in a few days…