Speed Bag

Today I installed a new piece of gym equipment in the garage. I’ve always wanted to learn how to hit a speed and a during pandemic seemed like a great time to learn. It’s much harder than you think!


Review: Million Dollar Baby

Million Dollar Baby (3 Disc Deluxe Edition Including CD Soundtrack)One of the best movies I’ve seen in quite some time. Million Dollar Baby deserves every award it won last year. Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman, and Hilary Swank put on one hell of a performance for this one.

The movie teaches a great lesson about life…even when it appears as if we’ve lost, sometimes we’ve achieved our wildest dreams. Success is not always what it appears to be. The end of the movie appears to be a sad ending, but if you step back it’s actually a good thing for all of the involved parties. I won’t give away any more spoiling details.

Some of the action is slow, but it needs to be in order to develop the characters. The boxing scenes look pretty realistic and the music works well with the action. This film is definitely worth watching. I’d give it a A-.

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