Kindle Paperwhite

I haven’t had time to set up the new Kindle I bought on Amazon Prime Day, but you better believe I’m taking it with me tomorrow on my trip to the 2017 Automattic Grand Meetup because I usually read on flights. 11pm the night before leaving, without having packed yet, seems like a good time to set this up. Don’t you agree?

My First Amazon Purchase

In 2004, the first thing I bought with my Amazon account was the book, Every Second Counts about Lance Armstrong, which I still have on my bookshelf. It was $2.50 and $3.49 for shipping.

2004 Amazon Orders
2004 Amazon Orders

What’s the first thing you purchased on Amazon?

I love how Amazon alerts you of a previous order when visiting a product page. It came in handy the other day when I was looking at cameras.


Amazon Dash Wand

Amazon is selling their new Dash Wand for $20 to Prime members. When you register it, you get $20 off your next purchase, so essentially it’s free! It’s out of stock, but was when I ordered mine last week as well. Eight days later it arrived in the mail. Since I left town for vacation I didn’t even get a chance to open the box.

Watch Your Cart

I just went to purchase ER – The Complete Fourth Season from Amazon and made it all the way to the final step of checkout before realizing my total was over $1,500! My first thought was “That’s an expensive DVD.” Then I realized I still had an Apple iMac G5 in the shopping cart from a week ago. Kind of a neat little trick on Amazon’s part, but not very customer friendly if you ask me. A few clicks later the item was removed and my total price was normal again, but I would not have been a happy camper to find a new computer delivered to my doorstep (unless it was free).