Ads With BannerBoxes

I’ve been using Google Ads for 5 or 6 months and they’ve been doing very well, but I’ve decided to try out a new ad service which looks promising. It’s a pay per click system, just like Google’s AdSense, but from the keywords that my sites use, I think I can make a lot more per click with this other system. It’s called BannerBoxes and uses simple text ads that look almost exactly like those for AdSense. So far from logging in and setting up a few ads, I like the system.

Update #1: BannerBoxes has some added features that I think raise it above the Google Ads. If a site wants to advertise on your site, they can sign up as an advertiser and select your site or other sites they want to advertise on. It’s all based on the cost per click that you configure. The system even allows an advertiser to offer a lower CPC and as a publisher you can choose to accept or deny it. BannerBoxes also allows you to make money by referring people to the program which is cool. We’ll see how it pans out after a few days, but I’m really liking what I’ve seen.

Update #2: I finally found a spot with the actual CPC for the ads that were running and it’s nowhere near the max price they show you when signing up. I’ve switched back to the Google Ads for now, but may use these to allow advertises to place ads on the site. I really like that part of the system. Google’s Adsense is nice for an advertiser, but they never really know where their ads are going to show up. BannerBoxes, on the other hand, gives an advertiser the option to choose exactly which sites they’d like to use.

Rudely Interrupted

Ding-Dong. The sound of the doorbell startles me a bit, because I don’t hear it often.

“I’m not expecting any company. At least not until after midnight when Mom and Dad will be getting into town,” I think to myself, getting out of my comfy leather office chair. “I wonder who it is.”

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Google Search

Google Adsense came out with a new feature called WebSearch today. You can now search the web or my entire site from the sidebar. Try it out for yourself…it’s pretty sweet. I’ve wanted a search feature for my site (instead of just the weblog search available through WP) for quite some time and this is perfect.

I even have the option to customize the search results page, but haven’t done that yet. Right now I’m just happy to have such an awesome feature on my site. I love Google!

What do you think…is there too much Google on my site?