My Beliefs

A topic that I’ve struggled with over the past few years.

What is religion?

Which religion is the right one to follow?

Do we need a religion?

Why are there so many different religions?

I don’t know about you, but these are all questions that I’ve asked myself at one time or another. Please note that this is not an attempt to change your beliefs. You can agree or disagree with anything and everything I write here.

In most societies today, people are born into a particular religion. What I mean by this is that our parents choose our religion for us at birth or soon after. We don’t get a say in what our beliefs should be until we are old enough to question them. This is how it has been for centuries and how it will continue to be. I firmly believe that this is wrong. Who is to say that your religion should be my religion? No one! But this is what happens to us as babies when our parents believe that their religion should also be our religion. Religion should be a choice, and for most people, it isn’t. The majority of people never question the religion which was chosen for them and follow it blindly because that is all they have ever known or because they don’t want to question their parents’ choice in religion. Wouldn’t it work better if we were given a choice in religion once we reached our teen years? If this were the case, the religion we choose would be a better fit to what we actually believe, as opposed to fitting what we’ve been brought up to believe. And yes, the two can be very different! I went to a Catholic school from 1st grade to 8th grade, so I’m a prime example as you’ll soon see.


Just in case you don’t know me very well, I’m not a big religious person. I’m much more of a science and fact based individual. That being said, I don’t believe that Earth was created in 7 days. I don’t have an explanation for how Earth came to be, but then again, who really does? I’m not a believer in the Big Bang Theory either. I like to think that Earth has always been here in some shape or form. One reason why I believe this is because I’m a firm believer in the theory of evolution and survival of the fittest. These two things have been backed up by years and years of science and research. I’ve never seen any facts backing up the belief that Earth was created in 7 short days. It has been scientifically proven that every species evolves and some form of survival of the fittest takes place. Human beings are a prime example. All you need to do is compare the athleticism of the human race 100 years ago to the human race of today.


I’m still not quite clear where I stand on this at times. I’m not a believer in god as most religions and most people would describe one, but I do believe in some form of a god. I do not believe in a supreme being that is above all else in the world. This leads me into the topic of fate, which I was thinking about discussing as a separate category. I have never believed in fate on any scale. I believe that I’m in control of my life and I have the ability to make the choices that determine my future. If I were to believe in a god as most religions teach, I would be believing in fate. Fate boils down to not having control over my life. If there were a supreme being out there somewhere, he/she/it has control and my life has already been mapped out. I’d simply be living a script that was written for me. I don’t believe that I just cracked my knuckles in the middle of typing this because that is what I was supposed to do at that exact moment. I believe that I cracked my knuckles because that is what I chose to do. Each religion has their own form of a god, does this mean there are many gods? Why then do most religions teach a single god? If there is a single god, which religion believes in the correct one? Are the followers of every other religion wrong in their beliefs and will this one god punish these people after they die? Doesn’t make much sense to me. Does it to you?


I don’t believe in guardian angels or any type of spirits (except for some type of god out there). This goes back to my beliefs in science. I’ve never seen an angel or a spirit and until I do, they simply do not exist in my mind. Show me some good solid proof that they exist and I might change my mind. A few people saying that they’ve seen a spirit or talked to one does not constitute proof to me. Our minds play tricks on us all the time. Sometimes what you think you saw and what you actually saw can be quite different.


If you ask me, this is the biggest hoax of all. What is a miracle? It is something that doesn’t really have an explanation or was thought to be impossible, but then it happened. Just because there isn’t a highly believable explanation for an event doesn’t mean it was an act of some higher being. As humans, we don’t have all the answers for everything, especially in the field of medicine, where everyone is always saying that a miracle has happened. Doctors have never had all the answers, why do you think cancer doesn’t have a cure yet? Just because a doctor doesn’t give someone a good chance of living doesn’t mean that it’s impossible for the tables to turn and for everything to turn out in our favor. Someone’s heart can stop beating for no reason, so why can’t it start beating again after having stopped for 40 minutes? This isn’t a miracle, it’s un unexplainable event in medicine. Now…show me a car falling off a cliff, a pigeon swooping down, grabbing the car, and lifting it back up to safety, and that would be a miracle.


I was brought up as a Catholic, which is a religion based on the most widely read book in the world. Does anyone have a good explanation where this book came from? If so, I’d like to know. How can a book written by so many different people at different times, be believed to have all the answers? I believe there are many lessons that can be learned from the stories in the bible. I also believe that some of the stories may have actually happened, but they are not a history.

Again…these are simply my views on some of the things related to religions. I may be wrong, but this is what I believe. I’m also positive that some of my beliefs will change soon after I think about some of these things in greater detail or someone brings something into the light for me. Everyone has their own right to believe what they wish. If you feel the need to discuss your beliefs with someone else, do not attempt to push your beliefs on them because they may have different ideas than you do. Discuss your beliefs in an attempt to greater understand them or to get some other insight that you may have never thought about.

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