New Toys

Today I bought a new electric razor on Ebay. I went with a Norelco Advantage 6737XB, since it’s one of the best models made my Norelco. My Remington just hasn’t been treating me too well anymore, so it was time for a change. Suprisingly I was the only person to bid on the auction. It went for $70 and the razor sells for over $120 in the stores, so I’d say I got a pretty good deal on it.

I’m also finally moved over to my new computer as my main box. I finished installing all of my software today and then moved an extra NIC and HD over from the old computer. The next step is to get Linux running on the old box and I’ll be all set! I also need to find time to figure out what is wrong with my brother’s computer. I think the motherboard may be shot. I hate figuring out hardware problems!


  1. I need to start cooking some more. Maybe some good recipes will help.
  2. I’m still not too sure about Orkut, but I’m checking my account more often now. If you want an invite, leave a comment and ask.
  3. Southwest Airlines has good rates on flights right now. I booked my mom’s flight with from Detroit to San Diego for a total of $295.
  4. I was really looking forward to seeing Blue Man Group and playing some Texas Hold’em out in Las Vegas. Someday!
  5. A magazine I’ve recently thought about subscribing to.
  6. Cool movies made using the game Halo. Which reminds me…I haven’t watched the last few episodes.
  7. A lot of good poker information.
  8. Free online golf handicap system.
  9. If I had a girlfriend, she would have gotten this for Valentine’s Day.
  10. Sick of seeing of all those motivational posters, plaques, and sayings all over the place? Despair Inc. was created with us in mind. I have a calendar and several of their posters.

Stat Line

Finger JamAbout 20 points, 8+ rebounds, 5+ blocks, and 5+ steals to go along with 5+ turnovers and bad defense in the last few minutes. It’s hard to do it all I guess. We lost in overtime by one or two points. The refs are just so inconsistent in this league. At one end of the court the guy calls a good game, but then you play on the other end in the 2nd half and nothing seems to be a foul. It was a well played game by both teams though. I had some pretty sweet blocks against guys 4-6 inches taller than me, which felt good and I jammed a finger going for a rebound. Can you tell which one? Click the picture for the full size photo.

No Go For Vegas

The training class I wanted to take in Las Vegas was canceled so I had to pick another city. I was really getting excited about going to Vegas too! Booked the class and reservations today and I’ll be heading to San Diego in about 2 and a half weeks. I could have went to Phoenix, AZ, but I’ve already been there before so I wanted to go somewhere new. The course I’ll be taking is Introduction to Visual Basic.Net.

Poker Patience

When you keep getting weak hands, patience is the key to playing poker. I played for 2 hours tonight and came out $8.60 ahead playing .25/.50 at a ten seat table. Usually I play 6 seaters, so this was a little bit different. I had to play a little bit tighter and watch myself. I was swinging up and down a few bucks early, but wasn’t getting shit for hands, so I was playing 20% or less of the hands. After the first hour went by I started to pick up a few hands and never looked back. When all was said and done for the night, I played 26% of the flops and won 11% of the hands.

I also brought out some of my poker chips today. I need to start practicing poker chip tricks again because I’m pretty rusty. Hopefully I’ll get my Vegas trip booked tomorrow at work…we couldn’t get ahold of the company I’m taking training classes through at all today.

Play A Few Hands

It has been nearly a month since I played poker on UB, so I decided to play a little this afternoon. I played for an hour and a half at the .25/.50 cent tables and came out ahead by $1.80. I played 27% of the flops and won 13% of the hands, so overall I did pretty good. I should have won more, but I was down about $8 early on, until I realized that I was playing too many hands, so I tightened my play and was able to claw my way back into the positive. I am most likely going to Las Vegas at the beginning of March (more info on that in the next few days), so I need to sharpen my skills. I plan on playing quite a bit this month because I don’t want to walk into the casino and appear as a “fish”, although I’m sure that is what I will be. I will also be reading my poker books to refresh everything in my mind.

Comment SPAM Protection

I just installed a hack by Mark (Laughing Lizard) on my site to filter comments. Believe it or not, there are people out there that will visit blogs and post comments advertising viagra or other such things. This hack is designed to help prevent this from happening. If an address or certain words are recognized, the comment will be marked and will not appear until I allow it too. So it adds a level of moderation, which should keep me protected. Most of you shouldn’t even notice this in action and your comments should go through right away. If they don’t, I’ll get to allowing them as soon as I can.

Too Geek Or Not Too Geek

Rands has an interesting blog and has made a couple of posts on what he calls Nerd Attention Deficiency Disorder or N.A.D.D. Read the first post and then the second post. It is quite interesting.

I have N.A.D.D. and I think most geeks do, or need to, in order to be productive. It’s just what we do. I need to be have several different windows/applications open on my computer or else I don’t feel like I’m accomplishing much. When is it too much though?

The Game

Last night was a great time! The beer started flowing at about 1:30p.m. and didn’t stop until sometimes around 11…I think. We got to Joe Louis Arena at about 2:15 and headed downstairs to the Olympia Club. Did you know that there is a private club underneath the ice? I didn’t either, but we had passes to get in. It was a sweet little bar and restaurant. In the bathroom there was a guy handing out towels to to dry your hands with. The towels were pretty expensive ones too. I tipped him a $1. Jeff and I had our picture taken outside the front door of the Club for proof that it exists. 😉

We reserved a few tables for the first intermission and went up to watch the game. Our seats were pretty good. 5th row in the upper deck, just in front of the goal. The Wings played well for the first two periods, but allowed a goal late in the 2nd to tie it up. After that they came out flat and sucked it up in the 3rd, losing 5-2. There is nothing like being at a live hockey game. It’s so much better than watching on TV.

After the game we headed over to the new Hard Rock Cafe in Detroit, but the wait was going to be almost 2 hours for a table, so we had a drink and left. We ended up at a bar called the Gathering Place, for dinner and drinks. They had some awesome burgers and fries! My friend Lindsay came to eat with us and hang out for the rest of the night. We played a few games of bar shuffle board (I have no idea what the actual name is) and Ace and I were undefeated. We then headed over to a “uppity” bar called Dick O’ Dows. It was alright, but too high-class for me. Everyone was wearing nicer clothes and here we were in jerseys and hats from the game.

I fell asleep passed out on the ride back to Saginaw and went to bed as soon as I walked in the door. In fact, when I woke up this morning I was still drunk!