Mike Caro University

I just finished watching a poker seminar video by Mike Caro University. Very good stuff! I think I’m going to start visiting his site for some good reading material.

During the seminar he gave a lot of good advice. Most of which I’ve never thought about, but made complete sense after hearing it. Following is one of the greatest pieces of information that a poker player needs to understand and learn:

You’re not getting paid to win pots; you’re getting paid to make good decisions.

Mike Caro

What a simple concept, but such a hard one for most people to grasp. In poker, you don’t make money by winning a lot of pots. If you win a lot of plots, it usually means that you are playing a lot of hands. When you play a lot of hands, there are a lot of pots that you do not win. Over time, you will lose money playing like this.

You get paid off (make money) in poker by making good decisions. These good decisions will win pots and over a period of time, you will make money. Making good decisions can be the hardest part of poker, because our natural instincts attempt to take over when we think we might be able to win, but the odds for us are bad. You really need to train the way you think while playing poker, because if your mind isn’t focused, you’ll make bad decisions, which ends up costing you money.

Poker Skill Or Just Luck?

I had a very interesting conversation today at work about poker. There are so many people out there that suggest or truly believe that there isn’t any skill involved in poker…just dumb luck. I invite everyone who believes this to come play a fews sessions of poker at my house, and we’ll see how much skill it takes to win!

I read an interesting article today and I couldn’t give a better argument if I tried, so I’ll just give a few of the main points from the article and let you read the whole thing if you are interested.

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The Core

The Core (Widescreen Edition)I don’t remember ever hearing about this movie when it came out last year, but it was pretty damn good one to watch. It didn’t remind me of all the other typical save the planet movies that come out every year.

It was a pretty neat story that kept on moving forward and kept my interest. I even learned some little tidbits of information about the make-up of our planet Earth from it, so that was a nice bonus. Hilary Swank was smoking HOT in this flick, even with the mid-length hair, and DJ Qualls (Kyle from Road Trip) did an excellent job as the uber computer geek. The geeky computer stuff in the movie may have been what set it apart (for me) from the majority of the save the world movies that I’ve seen.

If you are looking for a movie to watch one night and nothing is looking good, I’d recommend this one. I give it a B+.

Top 10 February 2004 Searches

At the end of each month, I plan to give a list of the top 10 keyword combinations (searches) that visitors have used in a search engine to get to my site. It’s not a popularity list, because “poker chip tricks” and every possible way to search for that would dominate my top 10. These are the funniest, weirdest, or craziest searches that have resulted in a visit to my site. The searches listed are exactly as someone typed them into a search engine.

Here’s the list for February 2004…enjoy!

  2. i make love with wife sister
  3. blood clot, fetus, photo
  4. 26 cavities filled in one visit
  5. Quiznos Subs Song: Words to the Song
  6. green hut bay city
  7. “Salma Hayek’s titties”
  8. cartoon characters as innocent girls
  9. “forget the bitch”
  10. “Krzyzewski” hitler

Poker Champ

Played in a poker tournament tonight with some friends and a few people I had never met before. Thirteen people ended up playing. The entry was $20 per person and the top four places paid out. We played at two tables and I drew a spot at the table with 7 people.

I started out the night with some pretty good cards and won a few pots the first time we went around the table. In the 7th or 8th hand, someone called to go all-in and lost. She eneded up dealing the rest of the night, and she was pretty good at it. After the first trip around the table I didn’t get much for cards, but played a hand here and there. After awhile I started to get some very nice pocket cards, but could never get anything on the flop, so I had to keep folding. During the first two hours I think I had “pocket rockets” twice and won both times, which was nice.

During the end of the 2nd hour and for a good portion of the 3rd, I got pretty short stacked, so I played very tight. After watching everyone else play I knew I could outplay them, I just had to wait for my chances and let them make the mistakes. I was being very patient and eventually it started to pay off.

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Playoff Win

We won the first playoff game tonight for basketball league by three points. It was a great game that went back and forth for both halves. I think the biggest lead of the game was six or eight points. At one point during the game, someone on their team yelled out, “We’re losing to a bunch of white boys.” That fired us up a little bit.

We were up by one with about a minute to go and managed to waste 40 more seconds by spreading the court. They had to foul us a few times to put us in the bonus. They ended up fouling me for the bonus and I hit both free throws. Clutch! They came down the court and got a good shot off, but I snagged the rebound. GAME OVER! Everyone on our team really played a great game.

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The Friday 5

What are your top 5 movies of all time (in order)?

  1. The Matrix
  2. Rounders
  3. The Lord of the Rings (all 3)
  4. Good Will Hunting
  5. Fight Club

fridayfive.org took the week off, so I made up my own.

Site Changes

Over the past few days you may have noticed a few changes to the site. I removed the Shout Outs from the sidebar. I was the only one ever shouting so I figured it wouldn’t be missed. With them gone, the pages should load a little (fraction of a second) quicker. The other change is that I added a little hack next to the date/time of a post. It displays how long ago the post was made, which is useful for any visitors that are in a different time zone. Instead of figuring their offsets from EST to see how long ago a post was made, they can simple read in between the parenthesis.

I’m really happy with the way the site has come together over the past few months. My goal from the start was to keep it simple, but with a lot of functionality. I think I’ve succeeded so far and from the consistent increase in the number of visitors, so must others.

If you have any suggestions or criticisms that might help the site…I’m all ears.