Recent updates to the way dates and times are stored in the MySQL database by WordPress are causing quite a stir at the Support Forums. When I ran a few upgrades the other day, the new code had a lot of bugs, so my site hit the shitter for a bit. Everything is running smooth again though after a few more updates.

WordPress had been storing dates and times according to the server time that your site ran on and now they’ve switched over to using GMT for everything. Both ways need an offset unless of course you live in the same time zone as your server or your time zone is GMT.

By using the server time, you first had to figure out where your server was located, which could be a real bitch since a lot of people have their sites setup through some sort of hosting company. After you found that out, you had to compute your offset from that time. If you ever moved your site to another server, you’d need to do that process again.

With GMT, all you need to do is figure your offset from GMT, no matter where your server is located. If you move your site to another server, find your offset from GMT again and change the setting.

I like GMT better!

Terrific Tuesday

It was a good day today. I don’t feel like typing much, so I’m going to keep this short.

I had a 30 minute phone interview for a programmer/analyst position in Kalamazoo. I think it went pretty well. My new Norelco came in and I can’t wait to try it tomorrow morning. I called M that I met at the bar the other night. We had a nice little chat and are planning to go out. I’m pretty excited since I never go on dates! We lost our basketball game again in the last few minutes. Not sure when playoffs start.

I’m done for the night…


Never underestimate the importance of a backup! I ran some upgrades to WordPress and all of my dates and times got screwed. I didn’t panic, but I restored a backup of my database, upgraded again, and then re-added all of the missing posts and comments since the last backup.

If I would have backed up right before the upgrade (like I normally do) I would have saved a lot of time. Lesson learned…

This And That

Went out to an 80’s bar last night with a few friends and ended up staying until closing time. As a result I’m feeling a little “under the weather” today. The bar is pretty cool…they have a big screen TV that they play videos on while the song is playing, so you get the feeling that you’re back in the day, listening to some of the music we grew up on. They played some pretty good songs last night, but they also played a lot of garbage I had never heard of. The highlight of the night was when I asked a cutie for her number and got it. To tell you the truth, I don’t think I’ve ever asked for digits before. I also had another first last night…I’ve never tried to tie a cherry stem in a knot with my mouth, but did it on my first try.

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Miracle (Widescreen Edition)Great movie! I don’t know if I need to say any more than that. It’s just an awesome story and will forever be a part of history in the United States. The movie made me proud to be an American.

I can’t pick a single thing from this movie that I would have changed. Kurt Russell did an excellent job as coach Herb Brooks and all of the other actors did a great job as the hockey players. I can’t wait for the DVD to come out because I want to know how they did some of the camera angles during the games. There were some fantastic shots (from the camera). I believe they used the original commentary from the game, which was a nice touch. The thing I liked the most about Miracle is that I learned about the entire story of it. I’ve always known about the event, but by watching the movie I was able to learn about a lot of the action that happened behind the scenes and led up to the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team beatest the Russians and going on to win the golf medal.

If you haven’t seen this movie yet, go see it in the theater and then watch it again when it’s released on DVD and VHS. It’s definitely on my purchase list with an A+!

Take A Chance

The Mega Millions jackpot is estimated at $222 million. Wow! WIOG, a local radio station, is running a group lottery ticket, so I stopped by on my way to work and put in $1. They already had collected over $750 at around 8:15 this morning. I also stopped at 7-Eleven and bought my own $1 ticket.

You can’t win if you don’t have a ticket…

The Friday 5

When was the last time you…

  1. …went to the doctor?
    I think it was about a year ago.
  2. …went to the dentist?
    December 28th, 2003.
  3. …filled your gas tank?
    Almost 2 weeks ago.
  4. …got enough sleep?
    See my post about NESS.
  5. …backed up your computer?
    Just the other day.


Not Enough Sleep Syndrome.

I don’t know if such a thing exists, but I have it. I don’t get nearly enough sleep, especially during the week. Most nights I don’t get to bed until after midnight. Sometimes as late as 1:30 a.m. For those of you that don’t know, I start work at eight in the morning. Six or seven hours of sleep a night just doesn’t cut it.

I try to get to bed earlier, I really do. But I can never make the move from this chair to my pillow…only 4 feet away. I’ve always been productive late at night, especially when I was in college. It seems so much easier to get things done when everyone else is sleeping. The world is quiet and I can think clearly. Once in awhile I’ll be laying in bed already and will come up with such a good idea, that I have to get up and write it down. So then the whole sleep cycle has to start over again.

Maybe my body is getting used to the lack of sleep, but I somehow doubt it. I’m tired all day long, but can’t force myself to take a simple nap after I get home from work. NESS is kicking my ass! If anyone knows a cure, please let me know.


Fargo (Special Edition)I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this movie, but it was pretty good. “Okay”….”Yah” For some reason it’s always entertaining to listen to what we (here in Michigan) call the UP accent.

Fargo is based on a true story, but not in the usual sense of a true story brought to film. It wasn’t one of those feel good stories. Without giving too much away I can tell you that it’s about a man who hires a couple of guys to kidnap his wife so that he can make some money off of his father-in-law. The deal is supposed to go off without a hitch, but of course things don’t happen like that.

I really loved how Frances McDormand played a pregnant cop named Marge. She never stopped eating or talking about eating through the entire movie. Overall I have to give this movie a B, but say that is definitely worth watching.