Naughty Fest 2004

Each year, Rogers City hosts the Nautical Festival. We look forward to it the whole summer, but when Monday morning rolls around, boy are we glad that it’s over. It’s a blast of a weekend, but it sure kicks your ass!

Basically we

  1. Drink during the day.
  2. Take a little time to eat dinner.
  3. Change into clothes for the night out.
  4. Head over to whoever’s house has a keg for the night.
  5. Drink until 10:00 p.m.
  6. Walk to the beer tent.
  7. Drink, dance, and mingle.
  8. Walk to Greka’s at 1:30 a.m.
  9. Drink and push your way through the crowd.
  10. Walk home or to an after party.
  11. Get home at 3:30 or 4.
  12. Wake up and REPEAT.

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The Weeks Ahead

Over the past few days, I’ve been quiet on the site again. I’ve been busy studying for my test, which paid off. August is going to be a busy month for me, so I just wanted to warn everyone that I won’t have as much time for quality posting.

Tomorrow I’m heading up to Rogers City for the Nautical Festival. We like to call it the “Naughty Fest!” It’s pretty much non-stop drinking for 4 days. Pre-partying with a keg at someone’s house, walking to the beer tent, bullshitting all night, and dancing occassionally. After the tent closes, everyone walks to the bar for more drinking and bullshitting. It’s one of the funnest weekends of the year for me. Then on Monday I have a dentist appointment before I come back to Saginaw.

No big plans for the week after I come back, but on the 15th I’m heading to Philadelphia for a SQL training class. My friend Lindsay is going along for the trip, so it should be fun. We’ll get back to Michigan late on the 20th. Then on Sunday (22nd), I’m driving up north for a 3 day golfing trip. This might be my 2nd funnest couple of days of the year. (I like the word funnest!)

There are 20 guys that go and we play 36 holes a day at Boyne Highlands. They are great courses that are always in great shape. Each round of 18, we are paired up with different guys and there is always some type of competition with cash prizes. Every par 3 has a closest to the pin contest too. The highlight of the trip is the Hackers vs. Whackers match play. We play 10 guys to each team, and play 5 matches for a trophy and bragging rights. It’s just an all around great time.

I’m looking forward to the rest of the month.

King Par Tent Sale

King Par‘s annual tent sale ends tomorrow (Sunday), so we stopped by today. It was like being a kid in the candy store! You can’t even imagine how much golf equipment and clothing they had on sale. It was unreal. Boxes and boxes of gloves, irons, woods. Shelves packed full of shoes. Rows of tables stacked with golf balls.

I bought a new pair of Adidas golf shoes ($40) and a new driver. I’ve been interested in a new driver since a week ago with I hit someone else’s club during league. Sure enough, King Par had a whole box full of them. I bought a Wilson Deep Red II Maxx with 9.5 degrees of loft and a stiff shaft. Maybe it will be the cure to my driving woes. Or at least I hope it will! For $99, I couldn’t pass up the deal. Wilson’s site suggests $449.99 for the club and when I was doing some research I had found it for $150 on Ebay. It’s not very often you can find something cheaper than on Ebay, unless it’s used. Somehow I even managed to get the head cover for free when they had them marked as $5.

If it turns out that I don’t like the club, I can turn around and sell it for an easy profit. Dad and I golfed 18 today in some perfect weather. I shot a 42-49 and he shot 42-44. Out of 18 holes I hit one good drive with my 3-wood and the rest were shit, so those scores aren’t bad at all. I think we’re playing again tomorrow, but there will be none of this getting beat by the old man again! Actually…I was down by 3 strokes with 4 holes to play on the front 9 and parred the last 4 holes to even things up. On the back 9, I just couldn’t hit a tee shot. Tomorrow is another day.

Update: Dad and I shot 18 again at the same course, but started on the back 9 today. I shot 41-44 and Dad shot 47-45, so I made up for yesterday (as I said I would). I hit the new driver pretty good a few times, but my swing with the woods needs some work. We both started out with an 8 on the first hole of the day (#10), but then I played the next 8 holes in 1 over with 3 birdies. In fact, I birdied 3 of the par 4s on the day. It was a fun weekend, but I’m tired from walking 36 holes of golf and being out in the sun for 8 hours.

Come To My Window

I had to crawl through the window tonight after getting home from my cousin’s wedding. Mom took my house key during the day while Dad and I went golfing. Needless to say, she never gave it back, but simply set it on the cupboard. I think I’ll be making a spare and keeping it in my car from now on!

Who Is Mark?

Mark, who are you? You’ve sent me an email through the contact page several times about poker chip tricks, but have never left a valid email address. This makes it a little hard to respond. Simply read the comments about the tricks and you would realize I’m working on a new site and I do know a lot of new tricks. Patience…

Family Photos

Each year, Diego Golberg’s family photographs themselves on July 17th. One of the coolest family rituals I’ve ever come across, especially since it’s on the web for everyone to see. A real living history in photos.