Put The Party In Poker

I sat down at a Hold’em table on Party Poker for the first time today. First thing I noticed was that their lowest limit table is $.50/$1 with .25/.50 blinds. I was a bit suprised they didn’t have any micro limit tables. But what the hell, I deposited the money and have bonus money waiting to be earned, might as well try it out. I played tight agressive poker for about an hour and 15 minutes. Up $17.00 for the session. Not bad!

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Through The Portal

I’ve rearranged a few things on the site. The tabbed sidebar has been killed. More than one person has mentioned to me they didn’t like it and to be honest I haven’t been too fond of it for quite some time either. To keep the sidebar from getting too long, the recent comments, popular posts, and stats have been moved to the portal page. The search page wasn’t getting much use, so I threw it away. The hobbies page will likely be removed soon and the about page needs a major overhaul. Don’t mind the dust over the next week or so. Just a little Fall cleaning. Change is good.

WordPress Plugin: Card Converter

Card Converter is a WordPress plugin with poker bloggers in mind, but it can be used by anyone who would like to display playing cards in posts and comments. It will take card abbreviations such as Ad (meaning Ace of diamonds) and convert it to a CSS graphical-like representation of the card. Inspiration for the plugin came from Chris Halverson‘s Pokerhand plugin and the CSS cards on the World Poker Tour Fan Site.

The plugin has moved to the WordPress Plugin Repository. All development and files will be available there from now on.

Party Poker

I signed up for an account on Party Poker today and will be playing there more often. From what I’ve heard they have a lot more players and tables than any other site. If you sign up, give me a referral and we’ll both get a bonus reward when you make your first deposit. Look me up at the tables too, using the name mtdewvirus of course.