Carthik has started a site for WordPress news. It’s called WordLog and sounds like a great idea. I’ve added it to the links section of my sidebar so that I can tell when it’s updated. I’m not quite sure what “Alpha Users” are, but I’m listed there. Maybe Carthik will be contacting me soon…

Over the past few months I have not been active at all in the Support Forums, compared to before when I was one of the top 5 posters there. Part of me feels bad, but part doesn’t. I think I’ve mainly stopped visiting the forums because too many people ask the same questions over and over. It got old pretty quick when I kept referring people to the Wiki or to the same posts all the time. A few times a week I’ll get an email or IM from someone needing help, which I’m always glad to do, but I wish people would at least try to figure things out on their own first. Search the forums, visit the Wiki, use Google, browse other WP blogs, and if you can’t find your answer ask someone who might know. WordLog should help to resolve some of these problems in communication by being a central location for plugin and hack announcements.

Online Marriage Proposal

I wonder if anyone has ever proposed to their woman online. Picture it like this…you have a blog, which your girlfriend checks every few days. You decide to post your marriage proposal on the web for her to read. A few days later, she checks your site and SURPRISE! I’m sure it’s already been done or will be done soon enough. Not very romantic though.

Golf Is Fun Again

While the site was down the for the past few days I’ve figured out my golf game. On Thursday night for league, I shot a 38, finally getting into the 30’s for the first time this summer. It was long overdue! Then this weekend I want to Sterling Heights to visit Jere for a few days. We played 18 yesterday and it was my best 18 hole score ever. I shot a 42 on the front 9 (with an 8 on the last hole!) and a 40 on the back 9 for an 82. We also shot 9 holes today, but I was pretty hungover from Saturday night. I managed to shoot a 49, but just wasn’t into it. I already have plans to play Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday this week. Now it’s time to work on getting more consistent with my swing before the big golf trip to Boyne Highlands at the end of August.

Bourne Supremacy

The Bourne SupremacyGreat movie! I’m a Matt Damon fan to begin with, but he plays a great part in the Bourne series of movies. Damon is one of those guys you’d like to sit down in a bar and have a few beers with. He’s a great actor, but has that everyday guy image. Some of his other movies rank in my list of favorites.

The movie follows the action from The Bourne Identity, so I would recommend checking that out first if you haven’t seen it. Damon’s character, Jason Bourne, is a trained assasin on the run because he’s been framed for killing a few other agents. There were some great action scenes and a few tech gadgets as you might expect.

I really liked the movie and give it an A-.

MtDewVirus Is Back

I’m sorry for the interruption in my sites over the last few days. I’ll take full blame since I didn’t plan the server move out very well at all. Things kind of hit and there wasn’t much I could do at that point. Over the next few days I’ll make sure that everything is still working properly, but if you find something that isn’t, please let me know.

I think this was my longest streak without posting since I’ve been running WordPress.

Update: The offer still stands if anyone needs a place to host their site. I promise I won’t charge you an arm and a leg!

Tom Green

Does anyone know what happened to Tom Green? For awhile, he was on TV all the time. Maybe it’s just because I don’t watch much TV, except for poker. I can’t stand the guy, but I saw someone on a commercial that looked like him and it lit the lightbulb in my head.