Hosting Options

A few days ago I posted about needing dedicated server hosting and ever since I’ve been doing research. There is so much to compare. So many opinions. The decision is overwhelming.

Right now I’m looking at a dedicated server from Server Matrix and paying Fast Server Management to manage the server for me. I’m not comfortable with all of the Unix security and don’t want to become an expert at it anyways. I’ve also thought about getting a managed server from 1&1. 1&1’s prices are unbeatable and Server Matrix looks top notch, but costs more overall.

I’ve looked into VPS and reseller hosting, but neither seem to fit my needs. I need want at least 500-1000 GB of data transfer (more is always better), a few GB of storage space, the ability to host multiple domains, and then all of the other basics of a web host. As I see it, I need a dedicated for the bandwidth and it would be nice to have the added extras. I can always lease out some of the space on the server to people that want to run a small site.

If anyone has any suggestions, definitely let me know!

Been Busy…

The posts have been few and far between lately. I know. It’s always hectic coming back from a holiday weekend. For the rest of this post I’m simply going to type whatever comes to mind, so please excuse me if it doesn’t make sense.

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Beat Me Up!

Happy 4th of July! It’s raining here in good old northern Michigan so it looks like we’ll be stuck in the house all day. Dad is deep frying a turkey and we might have a little Texas Hold’em tournament on Isaac’s new poker table. He built it with one of his friends and it’s pretty sweet. I’ll post a picture on Monday night. Other than that I’m going to relax.

Last night I went to the casino with Mom and Dad. I played $5-$10 Texas Hold’em for almost 9 hours. I’ve been on a streak of bad cards and bad beats for a few weeks now (playing online) and it didn’t stop last night. I held JJ twice and both times AA came on the flop. I flopped a straight and someone backdoored a full house. I finally hit a flush and the board showed trips when the turn and river brought two more 8s to give someone a full house. Each of these pots were well over $100.

The cards just weren’t on my side. I did flop a set when I held AA. I was getting reraised by someone across the table, so it was a nice pot. The table was loose, but I just couldn’t get the cards. Dad won about as much as I lost, so I guess you could say we came out even though we don’t share bankrolls. Oh well, it was fun, which is what counts, because I wasn’t playing with money I couldn’t afford to lose.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Does anyone know of a good company to get a dedicated server to host my sites? I have some new projects in the works and shared hosting just won’t cut it anymore. 1&1 has some good pricing on dedicated servers, but I have a free account through them and I hate their Control Panel and the fact that I need they use different usernames for everything. One for FTP, another for MySQL, others for email, etc. I love my current host,, but they won’t do any type of price matching for me, so it looks like I’ll have to make a switch.

I’m not looking for anything super special. I want a good processor, decent HD space, a lot of bandwitdh…pretty much all the basics.


To Tip Or Not To Tip…The Dealer

Ever played poker in a casino? Do you tip the dealer after a winning hand? Do you do it every time?

For some reason poker etiquette expects you to. I don’t play in a casino very often, but when I do, I’m there to have fun and to make money. As if it’s not hard enough to overcome the rake (casino’s cut of each pot), I’m also expected to overcome dealer tips. Might as well play the slots!

I give a waitress tips because she is taking my order, getting me food, and cleaning up after me. Her job is to serve me in the restaurant. Waitress’s don’t get a decent wage, because tips are the norm. Dealers get paid wages and from the little bit that I’ve heard, it’s pretty decent money. I could be totally wrong on that though. A dealer’s job is to deal the cards and count chips. Something that I (or anyone else at the table) could easily do. Why again do I need to tip this person? No one tips me at work when I fix their computer. I know it’s my job, but it’s hardly a job that anyone at the University can perform.

If we are supposed to tip the dealer, why only on hands that we win? It’s not like the dealer had any influence on our cards. If we are tipping them for “service,” they are providing the same level of service on hands that we win and hands that we lose. The only difference is that we are satisfied with this “service” when we win, but not when we lose.

I’m heading to the casino on Saturday night. I think I might see how much I can win, without tipping the dealer on every pot that I pull in.


For some reason every 5 years or more this post gets shared around to a bunch of angry dealers who fail to read the entire discussion or fail to see by the date that this post was published in 2004! I had to close comments years ago because it gets out of control. Here’s a comment I left in 2009

For the record, I’ve always tipped when playing poker in a casino unless I forgot to on a hand, which happens to everyone. The only time I’ve ever not given a tip on purpose is if the pot was too small.

Golf Swing – Fixed?

I think I figured out what has been wrong with my swing all summer. I haven’t been rotating my hips and lower body on the backswing, which has been causing a drop in my left shoulder and then my head. Every regular golfer knows that the head is supposed to be still throughout the swing. It’s amazing how this little bit of movement was causing me to almost miss the ball on tee shots. I’ve been driving 50-100 yards for about 3 weeks because I keep dribbling it off the tee box. Ugly and embarrassing!

Scoring has been in the upper 40s, which still isn’t too bad, but it gets old having to hit a miraculous second shot on every hole to recover. Chipping has been up and down all year, but my putting has been spectacular.

If I’ve truly found the fix to my swing, maybe golf can be fun again!