Have A Safe Flight

My buddy Case just said, “have a safe flight” on IM. I know we are just being polite and thoughtful when we say it, kind of like, “drive safe.” But…on an airplane do we really have any control over how safely we arrive at our destination? Just a thought…

The Photos Are Missing

They weren’t kidnapped, I just got fed up with using Gallery to manage my photos, so I ditched it. I’ve found something that looks pretty sweet and should be a nice replacement. Markku is developing a PHP-based application for publishing photos and I like the looks of it. He is either caling it iPAP or SPAM, I’ve seen it called both in different places. Personally I like iPAP better…SPAM is used for too many other bad things, such as that nasty canned “meat” and the flood of messages in my INBOX. Now if only I could get my hands on a test version of his software. 💡

Look for the photos to be back up and running when I get back from my trip.

Off To Sacramento

Later today I’ll be taking off for Detroit and then flying out to Sacramento, CA. I haven’t done laundry or packed a thing, so I’ve got a few things on my “To Do List” for this morning! For the next week, the site will be a little “dead”, but I do have dial-up access in the hotel so I’ll check things at least once a day.

A few things I need to do on the site when I get back:

  1. Create header images for the BluePrint and GanGreen styles.
  2. Create a new favicon.
  3. Work on a few more WP Plugins.
  4. Clean up some code.
  5. Get a new photo gallery up and running.

Now you have something to look forward to…right?

2004 WSOP

The first day of the No-Limit Hold’em World Championship has just started play at Binion’s Horseshoe Casino. For a buyin of $10,000 you could have been sitting there with AA on the first hand. The tournament should last until Thursday or Friday when the champion will receive well over $2 million! Will there be another story like Chris Moneymaker. Will Phil Hellmuth, Phil Ivey, Annie Duke, Doyle Brunson, or another pro go home with the coveted gold bracelet? It will be the largest field ever to play in the WSOP, which should make things very interesting.

Check CardPlayer.com for updates.

It's Out!

The final release of WordPress 1.2 is available now. Get it while it’s hot! I’ve already upgraded my site. There are just a ton of new features and since they’ve been discussed elsewhere, I won’t waste my time trying to do it here.

Hit And Run

While leaving the mall today, Isaac, Brit, and I heard a crunch and saw someone hit a another car backing out. We were parked like 2 cars away and I looked the guy right in the eyes for a few seconds and then he drove away. I should have ran after him and took out my cell phone like I was calling the police with his license plate number. That would have been classic, but this is Saginaw and I didn’t want someone to pull a gun on me either. He did a pretty good number on the car he hit. It looked like he broke the tail light and there were some pieces of something on the ground. What was he thinking by driving off though? Now he has to live with the guilt.

Pistons – Goin' To Work

Detroit PistonsWhat a performance by version 2 of the Bad Boys. They completely dominated tonight’s game with their defense. Ben Wallace never ceases to amaze me, but he pulled out a few suprises tonight with 18 foot jumpers. After winning the first two games of the series I thought the Pistons would coast through round 2, but the Nets won the next 3 to pull ahead. Game 5 was a tough triple overtime loss for Detroit but they played well to even the series in game 6 on New Jersey’s home court. Game 7 was pretty much over at halftime and the third period proved to be the nail in the coffin. Bring on the Pacers!

Weight Watchers

A friend/co-worker, Bill, has joined Weight Watchers to help him lose weight. He’s been working at it for 2 or 3 months and only 5 pounds have come off, so he decided to get some help. I’ve always wondered about these types of groups, but it is paying dividends for numerous people here at SVSU. I know several people who have lost 20-30 pounds and are looking great. I hope it works out the same for Bill.

I wanted to see where I ranked, so I took at quick look at the weight chart in one of Bill’s books. A 6 foot 1 inch male up through the age of 24 should ideally weigh 172 pounds. At 25 and up to something like 48 it jumps to 182 pounds. I’m somewhere right in the middle of those two weights so I’m doing well given the fact that I haven’t run or worked out in months. The only real exercise I’ve been getting is when I go golfing or mow the lawn, and that isn’t much. Mental note: Start a routine of running 3-4 times a week after I get back from CA.