Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man 2Went tonight with Hater to see it. Great movie! A few too many previews, but it didn’t take away from the movie.

The story continues and has all of the characters we remember from the Spider-Man, in addition to a few new ones. Peter Parker experiences an emotional rollercoaster, before finally finding his true self with the help of a few friends, fans, and family. He loses his “spidey” powers for a period of time until he realizes his destiny as a hero.

The work the producers did with Doc Ock’s character was pretty spectacular. Finding something to do with all of those arms must have taken a lot of imagination, but it looked pretty realistic. The fight scenes were pretty amazing as well. Stan Lee made his usual appearance. Did you notice him?

I give Spider-Man 2 an A.

So Close, Yet So Far Away

After work I sat down and decided to play a quick SnG on UB. It was just a 6 seated table and I ended up placing in the money at 2nd place. While playing, I noticed that a freeroll was starting at 6:15, so I signed up. The top 25 finishers (out of 2500 entered in the tournament) would get an entry in a tournament at the end of the month. The winner of that tournament would get a package and seat in the Aruba event of the World Poker Tour!

For the first hour of the tournament I played extremely tight, only seeing a total of 4 flops and not winning a single hand along the way. The 2nd hour paid me well and then it was up and down after that. Over 4 hours later, I’m still in the tournament and trying to survive. Only 50 left, 45, 40. People kept dropping out and I was still hanging around. I couldn’t get a single hand near the end, so the blinds and antes ate me alive. I ended up finishing in 27th place, just 2 away from placing in the top 25! It sucked, but 27th out of 2500 is pretty damn good for my first tournament that size!

Seeking Regular Visitors as Volunteers

Recently I wrote about my lack of posts and Paul had a great idea. To find out some info about some of my visitors and write a post about it. So I’m taking volunteers…


  • You must visit this site at least once a week.
  • You must be willing to answer a list of questions I come up with.

Pretty short list. So, if you wouldn’t mind forking up some answers, leave a comment and I’ll contact you with more information when I have some questions created. Soon we’ll find out what kind of people visit and why. I know I’m curious!

Edit: And it would be nice if you post comments every now and then to qualify.

Hosting Options

A few days ago I posted about needing dedicated server hosting and ever since I’ve been doing research. There is so much to compare. So many opinions. The decision is overwhelming.

Right now I’m looking at a dedicated server from Server Matrix and paying Fast Server Management to manage the server for me. I’m not comfortable with all of the Unix security and don’t want to become an expert at it anyways. I’ve also thought about getting a managed server from 1&1. 1&1’s prices are unbeatable and Server Matrix looks top notch, but costs more overall.

I’ve looked into VPS and reseller hosting, but neither seem to fit my needs. I need want at least 500-1000 GB of data transfer (more is always better), a few GB of storage space, the ability to host multiple domains, and then all of the other basics of a web host. As I see it, I need a dedicated for the bandwidth and it would be nice to have the added extras. I can always lease out some of the space on the server to people that want to run a small site.

If anyone has any suggestions, definitely let me know!

Been Busy…

The posts have been few and far between lately. I know. It’s always hectic coming back from a holiday weekend. For the rest of this post I’m simply going to type whatever comes to mind, so please excuse me if it doesn’t make sense.

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