Bill Me

Just received in an email…

Your credit card will be billed at $29.95 weekly and free 3 pack of child porn CD is shipping to your billing address. To cancel your membership and CD pack please email full credit card details…

Yeah, sure. I’ll jump right on that! I feel sorry for the dumbasses that actually believe this shit. Wait. No I don’t!

Oh, We're At Your House

Last night was a good time. This weekend is Greek Festival here in Saginaw, which always attracts a crowd. I think it might have something to do with the beer tents. 😉 James and I met up with some friends and it was “bottoms up” the rest of the night. The tent closes at 11:00 PM (way too early) so James and I headed downtown to the bars, hoping to meet up with a girl he’s been talking to.

First we checked out the bar they had claimed to be going to when they left the tent an hour earlier. No luck. James finally got ahold of her and we headed over to another bar. Wait in line. Once we finally get inside, she sees us and they are on their way home. Women! You just can’t win!

We made our way back to my house at around 1 AM. I grabbed a glass of water, but James insisted on having a beer. After several minutes in front of the TV, I noticed he was drifting off to sleep. “Hey James,” I said. His head pops up. “Oh, we’re back at your house already?” Wow! It’s probably a good thing we didn’t stay at the bars any longer. I had a pretty good headache when I woke up, but I’m feeling better already. Good times…

Is Photo Matt Gone For Good?

I sure hope not. Matt introduced me to a whole new world when I stumbled across his site back in October-November. He suggested WordPress for use with my new blog and the rest is history. I’ve learned CSS, XHTML, and PHP. I’ve tried to conform to web standards as much as I can. To say the least…Matt has had a great influence on me, which has provided many hours of enjoyment.

I think the key point to remember is that Matt never said for how long he was going to take his site down. It could be forever (I doubt) or it could be just a few days.

According to Google I am the # 7 most important Matt in the world. When I reach the top of that list I’m going to take my website down.

Matthew Mullenweg

Come back soon Matt!!

Playing Poker With Phil Hellmuth

Playing Poker With Phil Hellmuth

Yes, that’s me at a .25/.50 cent table (Limit Texas Hold’em) with professional poker player Phil Hellmuth on UltimateBet. It was pretty sweet! I even took his ass on one hand so now I can say I went up against one of the best poker players in the world and beat him. I had aces the hole and he had tens. I raised pre-flop, he re-raised, and I capped it at four bets. There were two other players in the pot so it ended up being over $9 when the cards were turned over, which is pretty good at that limit. An interesting thing that I learned is that Phil has a contract with UB and has to play 40 hours a month, except during May when the WSOP is going on.

Overall it was a losing night of poker because I was paying too much attention to the conversations at the Phil table. Oh well…you win some, you lose some. How many other people can say they’ve played against a World Champion in something?

Google Search

Google Adsense came out with a new feature called WebSearch today. You can now search the web or my entire site from the sidebar. Try it out for yourself…it’s pretty sweet. I’ve wanted a search feature for my site (instead of just the weblog search available through WP) for quite some time and this is perfect.

I even have the option to customize the search results page, but haven’t done that yet. Right now I’m just happy to have such an awesome feature on my site. I love Google!

What do you think…is there too much Google on my site?

Luck The Fakers

I heard it would be a sweep by the Lakers. I heard it would be Lakers in 5, 6, or 7. I never heard once that it would be the Pistons winning the NBA Championship. I believed in Detroit and they came through. It was the Pistons who had the sweep, if it weren’t for a miracle shot by Kobe to put game 2 into overtime, which the Lakers ended up winning.

Everyone said the Pistons couldn’t score enough points to keep up with the Lakers, but it was the Pistons who scored 100 points tonight in a blowout to end the series. It was the Lakers who couldn’t score enough points in the series to keep up.

Larry Brown is an amazing coach and his game plans to stop the Lakers worked to a T. Defense wins championships and this team was a defensive team if there ever was one. It may have been the most dominating performance ever in the NBA Finals.

The 2004 NBA Champion Detroit Pistons

Gmail Giveaway

I’ve been given 3 more Gmail invites so I’ve decided to have a contest.

Take a picture that somehow involves an animal or animals. Creativity is a must! Hint: I hate cats, so don’t use them! You may enter as many photos as you want, but are only allowed to win one Gmail invite. I’ll pick what I think are the best 3 2 photos. Only original contributions will be accepted (no copying from somewhere on the Internet). Please do not send me scanned copies of photographs either. I prefer the photos to be taken with a digital camera, but if you really want to use film, have the photos converted to a digital format when you get them developed.

I will showcase all of the entries in the photos section of my site (which will be converted to Pictorialis II in the next few days).

Email your submissions to mtdewvirus [AT] gmail [DOT] com with a subject of Gmail Giveaway. Make sure to include your full name (I need it for the invite) and a website if you have one. If you have any questions, leave a comment.

The deadline to submit photos is Sunday June 20th at 12:00 PM Eastern.

Good Luck!!

Update (6/15/2004 6:10 PM): I’ve decided to give out one of the invites to the person that can break this code first. Follow the instructions above for sending me the answer.