Sunday's 18

We played Garland’s Monarch course and it was gorgeous! Some of the most beautiful golf holes I’ve ever played…by far! Some of the par 4s were pretty long, but the par 5s weren’t bad at all, if you could hit a decent drive. I would have taken some photos, but I was too busy swinging over 100 times on the day. It was a great day for golfing. Clear sky, perfect temperature, and not too humid.

My golf game was pretty bad. I showed some promise off the tee again, which I haven’t done all year with my woods. I hit 3-wood on quite a few holes and about half of them were nice drives down the middle of the fairway. In golf, if one thing is on, everything else seems to be off though. My irons, which I’ve been very consistent with this year, were pretty inconsistent. Chipping and putting were horrible, and they’ve been the best part of my game all summer. I’m so lost with my golf game right now, I don’t even know what to work on.

The Real Photo Matt

Ugly Photo Matt

For the past few weeks this is all I see when visiting most of the single post pages at Photo Matt using FireFox 0.9.2. I’m curious to read some of the comments on his posts (and comment myself), but can’t unless I switch over to another browser. Not sure if something in my browser is causing the problem, but it seems odd that it wouldn’t happen on any other sites that use WordPress. Matt thought he made a tweak to fix it, but no such luck. If I view source on these pages, nothing is sent to my browser after <div id="content">, except for two HTML comment tags. Maybe Matt has an evil plan to prevent me from commenting on his page unless I use IE. Yeah, that’s it…Matt has some type of contract with Bill and is just using all of his open-source work as a cover-up!!

Caption This

I was browsing the web, attempting to come up with a topic to write about, when I came across a photo asking for a caption. Those are always fun, so I’ve decided to try one out. The photo is of my friend James wearning a Michigan State sweatshirt. It’s your job to figure out what the hell he’s doing and write a caption for it.

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I’ve had quite a few things going on. Somehow, things all happen at once.

Today I did a little work on my new dedicated server, but I still need to wait for a few domains to transfer over to 1&1, where I’ve decided to keep all the domain registrations. I now own 8 domains, which are


I hope to have the site up in the next few weeks, but there really is a lot of work to do. I need to come up with a design, shoot a lot of videos, compress all of those videos, write tutorials, and many other things I have planned.

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Pass, Fail

I was cramming all night. Finally decided to get a little sleep at 6:30 AM and woke up again at 8 to study some more and get ready for the tests. 1.5 hours of sleep…not bad! I managed to get through all 193 pages of Microsoft ASP.NET Setup and Configuration Pocket Reference. A great little book for the price. The next step was to tackle the 1527 page monster, Programming Microsoft Visual Basic .NET (Core Reference), which is another great book. I made it through all but 2 chapters.

Exam 70-305 was the first test of the day and the one I feared the most because I failed to pass it almost 3 months ago. Not this time though. I needed a 700 to pass and achieved a 775. It seemed a lot easier this time around. Exam 70-306 came next and I didn’t know what to expect. Again I needed a 700, but barely missed it with a 675, which must be only one or two questions! While studying, I had focused on 70-305 because I didn’t want to fail again, so I missed a few things that were on 70-306. I plan to retake it in the next week or two though and pass with flying colors.

Once I pass it, I’ll only need to pass Exam 70-310 and then I’ll be a MCAD. After that I could take two more tests (70-300 & 70-229) to become a MCSD. According to recent reports, salaries are on the rise for Microsoft Certified Professionals. Sounds like a plan to me.


It’s 4:15 AM, do you know where your children are? I’m on page 785 of a 1527 page book with less than 6 hours until my first test. There is a bunch of Domino’s pizza in the fridge from dinner…it feels like college all over again!