Review: My Golf Locker

I decided to try out a new service, My Golf Locker, which sends you golf clothing and accessories matching a schedule and budget you select in your account. It looked neat.

It was not.

Their terrible web site should have tipped me off. Whenever you log in or visit your account page, you get a popup informing you of your successful log in, even if you were already logged in! Click out to another page, then click to access your account… “You’ve successfully logged in!” Talk about annoying.

The service lets you browse items on the site and select something if you want it included in your next shipment. Problem was, another piece of the service, would email you each day reminding you of an item you liked. It did this even after a box, which included the item they were relentlessly reminding me about, had been shipped.

When I looked at the contents of that first box, it included the rain pants I had selected and only 1 other item. A Nike golf shirt for $110! I don’t know who pays that much for a shirt, but definitely not me! If it was guaranteed to take 10 strokes off my score I might consider it.

I ended up finding a similar pair of rain pants at the Under Armor outlet in Birch Run for much cheaper so I returned the entire box. When the refund showed up on my credit card, I closed my account.

Don’t waste your time or money on My Golf Locker.

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