Where Now?

I’ve been playing poker just about every night, but haven’t felt like writing about it. I’ve pretty much hit that point where I can play $2/4 limit hold’em on auto-pilot, so there really isn’t anything to make for good reading.

Early in the week I started to clear my bonus ($425) on UB. I was winning, but nothing spectacular. There are many more rocks playing on UB, so you have to wait for your big hands and hope someone pays you off. For a couple of days of play I cleared nearly $70 in bonus funds and made about the same amount at the tables. After a short time of playing UB last night I just couldn’t take it anymore. The software only lets you play 3 tables at once and there were only 4 tables of 10-handed $2/4 running at any given time. Not exactly what I’m used to. Add in the fact that the VP$IP of the tables are rarely over 30%, if even 25%, and it gets boring pretty quickly. I needed some action.

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Review: Blade Trinity

Blade - Trinity (Unrated Widescreen Edition) (New Line Platinum Series)I’ve been a fan of the Blade movies so I was excited when I saw they were making Blade Trinity. How could I not be excited to watch Jessica Biel for a whole movie though?

The story is a little weak, but we’re talking about vampires and Dracula here, so it’s a little hard to make it believable. I was entertained throughout the movie with good action and decent acting. Nothing to knock your socks off, but worthwhile. In my opinion, Ryan Reynolds (think Van Wilder) was bad for this movie. His constant attempts at humor really threw me off. This is supposed to be an action movie. Why do producers keep thinking they need comedy in every movie these days?

I didn’t care for the ending of the film, but it does leave the door open for another movie in the series. I’m not sure where they could go with the story, but that’s why I’m not in Hollywood writing scripts. Overall, it’s a good movie for anyone that enjoys this type of flick. I give it a B.

Addicted to Email

I’m not sure if there is another person in this world that checks their email as much as I do. Seriously, sometimes I’ll check it less than 5 minutes after the last time I checked. I think I have a problem. Does anyone else do this?

Xbox: Our Colony

Want to know about the next Xbox? Follow the instructions below to join my group. We complete challenges and I guess get information about the next generation of Xbox. The Colony needs 5 members before getting a challenge.

Want to play a game? I’m inviting you to join my team on Colony. Go to http://www.ourcolony.net and enter ‘play’ into the empty field. When you’re in the lounge, go to ‘Join Existing Colony’ and enter 41114585. See you in the game.

Leave a comment here when you join up.