SparkFun Dumpster Dive

About once a year SparkFun does a special sale to sell off “customer returns, damaged products (physical or cosmetic), overstock, production samples, or anything that’s not selling well enough on the site to keep around.” Fittingly, they call it the Dumpster Dive. I missed out on it last year, but was near a computer and able to place an order this year. It costs $15 for a box of what could literally be all trash and came out to $25.32 after tax and shipping. Here’s what I got…

  • Random wires and shrink tubes ($0.50)
  • Slide Pot – X-Large – 10k Linear Taper ($2.95)
  • 30-LED Bargraph – PCB only ($3)
  • Load Cell Amp ($1.95)
  • Mini Photocell (2X $1.50)
  • Toggle Switch ($1.95)
  • LinkSprite JPEG Color Camera TTL Interface – 2MP ($27.50)
    • Retired product but I was able to find what might be a newer model for $55 in several places, so took 50% of that price
  • Some kind of display with a connector I’ve never seen
    • I couldn’t find out what this was and 99.9% sure I’ll never use it, so won’t give it a price.
  • 6 terminal block ($2.95)
    • Cracked in one corner, but completely useable
  • LED Mixed Pack ($8)
    • They sell a 26 pack for $10.60
  • Force Sensitive Resistor – Long ($20.95)
  • 4 AA battery holder ($1.95)
  • 2 AAA battery holders (2x $1.95)
  • Gearbox Wheel ($1.50)

Total comes out to about $80, so I’d say I did well with my box. I’ll actually use quite a few of these things.

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