7 Things I Learned in 7 Years of CrossFit

Seven years ago I did my first CrossFit workout, was destroyed in less than 7 minutes of a scaled “Cindy,” and I was hooked. Over the years I’ve changed my approach many times, done a lot of add-on programs, and worked out in a lot of different gyms. Here are seven things I’ve learned.

  • Almost everyone should scale a lot more often.
    I bet I’ve scaled more workouts in the last year than I did in the previous two or three years combined. Intensity is king in CrossFit.
  • Going hard more than three days in a row should be rare.
    Our bodies need to rest, recover, and rebuild. Especially as we get older. Not many people can go HAM five or six days in a row without eventually getting injured or sacrificing progress.
  • Nutrition / Diet – what might work for your friend might not work for you. Experiment. Find what you enjoy and what works for you most of the time. Give yourself time to enjoy food and have fun eating though.
  • A Concept 2 Rower is one of the most powerful pieces of equipment for improving conditioning.
    Monitor keeps you on pace and you don’t beat up your joints like you do running.
  • Track your workouts.
    Helps with percentage work, estimating maxes, setting/recognizing PRs, seeing progress, etc. Keep a notebook, write blog posts with notes, and/or use a service like BTWB (my favorite).
  • A CrossFit (or functional fitness gym) is worth the price.
    I have enough equipment in my garage gym to do 90% of the workouts, but I don’t get the intensity I do when I workout at the gym with everyone else.
  • You don’t need to spend more than an hour in the gym.
    A lot of people want more results sooner, but a lot of times less is more. These days if I do more work, it tends to be technique or accessory work instead of extra conditioning or strength stuff.

Over the last year and a half, the tweak to my back, really changed my perspective and goals. I want to keep doing this because it makes me feel good and is a healthy life. This quote by Pat Sherwood sums it up…

Image Source: https://www.pascalecommunications.com/blog/2017/6/28/making-time-for-you


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One Day with my Tesla Model 3

Almost exactly 2 years (more on that process in an upcoming post) after reserving the Model 3, she arrived yesterday just after 9am. It came in a big delivery truck.

After giving it a thorough inspection (with some great help from a neighbor), I signed and figured out how to move it from the end of the street to my driveway.







As you can see above, it estimated there were 215 miles of range charged in the batteries, which is about 70%.

I’m so glad I changed from black with black to blue with white. The colors are badass. It took me awhile to sort through the papers, put on the temp plate, and configure the car. Then it was time to hit the road, which can’t really be explained. I watched a ton of videos and read so many things about the acceleration, but you have to experience it.


I’ve never been in anything so smooth, fast, and fun to drive. When you hit the pedal it goes. With all of the weight being across the bottom, the handling is phenomenal and it corners unlike anything I’ve ever ridden in.

Rarely ever having to use the brake takes some getting used to. Within the first 20 miles I was already used to my speed being on the screen off to the side instead of directly in front of me.

I cruised around to get used to it and then headed over to Midland to pick up my buddy Casey for lunch.


After dropping him off I headed down to the Oakley Vault in Birth Run to buy some new sunglasses to keep in the car. The style is different, but very comfortable. The arms (also knowns as temples I learned) of the shades are blue (my favorite color and of course match the car) and can be swapped out for a second set they came with.


After a workout at the gym and taking a few friends for a ride, “Betty Boost” was getting power hungry so I headed home for the day and plugged her in.


The NEMA 6-20 outlet charges as expected, which I think will be fine for my driving habits.


I racked up 138 miles on the day. I plugged in for about a half hour, while getting ready for the gym, which got me 7 miles of range back. So that would bump the estimated range up to 222 for the day. With 32 miles of remaining range my used mileage came up 52 shy of the estimate. Not bad considering she was launched many times today, which drains the batteries a lot, and a bunch of miles were on the freeway.

When I checked the status this morning after 14 hours of charging, the range was up to 232 miles, which averages out to a recharge rate of 14.3 mi/hr.

Mat Storage on a Garage Wall

I’ve slowly been continuing with my garage gym clean-up and reorganization. Originally I was going to get rid of the extra stall mats because I’m not going to park on top of them and I have a much thinner mat that rolls up and easily stores in a corner. As I was looking at the back wall I got an idea to store these two pieces of mat against the wall, so I can quickly pull them down for workouts.


The mats are 3/4 inch and very rigid, so they stand pretty well on their own. I wasn’t going to risk them falling back on a vehicle though, so they needed a seat belt.


On each side I drilled in to a stud and screwed in an eye bolt. Then I could hook in a ratchet strap, tighten it, and the mats will never fall over.


I love when an easy solution works.