Passion Grass

I was so pissed when I took the first drink and realized it was an IPA. Nope, I still haven’t found one I enjoy. Passion Grass tastes like ass!

Notice the label only says “ale,” otherwise there is no way I would have bought these. Now I have five more bottles of this shit to struggle through.

Custom Dumbbell Storage

I’ve been cleaning up and reorganizing my gym to make room for a second vehicle in the garage. Floor space has become a premium resource, so I built a little rack so these small dumbbells have a place to go. Even better, it uses up what normally would be wasted space under a shelf.


Tiger’s 80th Win Was Incredible

I’ll be watching these videos over and over all week, until the Ryder Cup starts.

My eyes got wet during that walk up the 18th and the tears kept coming for what must have been 30-40 minutes as he made the final put, was interviewed, and accepted the trophy. I don’t ever remember seeing Tiger choked up like that. We witnessed history and one of the greatest comebacks is sports history.

Watch Tiger

If you’re any kind of sports fan watch Tiger Woods today. Yesterday’s front nine was pure magic, like the Tiger before all of the back surgeries. After shooting the round of the day he holds a three shot lead going into the final round of the Tour Championship. If he gets the job done it’ll be his 80th win and first since the 2013 WGC-Bridgestone Invitational. It would complete one of the greatest comebacks in sports history, because a year ago we didn’t know if he’d ever play golf again, let alone on the PGA Tour.

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