Replacement Feed Rollers for a Craftsman 351.233831 Planer

While cleaning up the feed rollers on my Dad’s Craftsman 351.233831 Planer I noticed there were really beat up.

Old infeed roller

Unfortunately the part (#8520) is discontinued and I couldn’t find an aftermarket one anywhere online. I stumbled across some forum posts discussing roller resurfacing, so I got some quotes.

Mid American Rubber, which is actually here in Michigan, wanted $137 for each roller!

J. J. Short Associates, Inc. quoted $92.50 for one or $85 each if I did both.

These first two had big forms on their website with diagrams showing how to get all of the measurements they requested.

I had to call and provide some info. A day later they got back to me with a price of $57 each.

Western Roller Corporation had an online form but it was very basic so I only provided the model of the planer and the part number. I got an email saying, “most of these small table-top type planers we recover your existing shafts for $65.00 to $100.00 each.” That’s a pretty wide range, so I sent over the measurements provided to the other companies and they quoted $68.88 each.

I went with the cheapest one since these aren’t for a production shop of any kind. I shipped out the rollers and got them back exactly 3 weeks later.

I’m really impressed with these. Hopefully they hold up well for my Dad. After installing the rollers I swapped out and aligned all of the cutter knives. With this and all of the previous work, the planer runs like a brand new machine.