Start Designing

Look what showed up in my Tesla account last night!

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 7.11.03 PM.png

I designed my car and paid the $2,500 deposit. I’m committed now. Since the dual motor all-wheel drive had the same delivery estimate as the single motor it was a pretty easy choice; it’ll be really nice for Michigan winters and the faster acceleration will be fun.

Here are my build details with a delivery window of September – November, which is another delay from the most recent August – October estimate my account showed.

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 7.37.05 PM.png

Once I get my car it’ll have been about 2 years since I put in a reservation (October 29, 2016).

1968-72 Chevrolet C10 Horn Button Assembly

When I bought the 1968 Chevy C10, the previous owner had wired up a new horn to a button he installed where the choke was supposed to be in the dash. I wanted to get the horn working on the steering wheel. In the box of parts he gave me, I found an assortment of stuff that seemed to go with a horn button (according to various diagrams I’d found). Here are the parts as well as what I took out of the steering wheel.


I tried many combinations from the limited info I was able to Google and what I now know are incorrect diagrams in the LMC Truck catalog. Eventually I posted on the forum asking for help. Turned out the metal cup was too short! After getting the proper one and making an extra layer of plastic spacers (see video) I was in business.

Since I had so much trouble finding useful information, I created a video that’ll hopefully make it easier for the next person who tries to do this.

SVRC Marketplace

Yesterday the new SVRC Marketplace opened in downtown Saginaw. I stopped there for lunch today. It’s a really neat place right next to where the Farmer’s Market is. Hopefully the city supports the businesses because it’s awesome for the area.

When I saw poke bowls at Sushi Remix, I knew what I was having for lunch, since I’d never had one. It was really good, as was the green apple bubble tea.


I grabbed a Heath cinnamon roll from Cinnamom for dessert. Nice and gooey!


It was a tough choice though. Can’t believe I only got one.


Here are some other photos I took.





Not Recommended


The threads on the steering wheel shaft and nut were in rough shape since the first time I took it apart after buying the truck. It got worse and worse as I worked on things in the steering column, especially since I’d been taking it apart so many times trying to get the horn button assembled properly (turns out one of the parts I have is from a different year). The other day it finally got royally fucked. In order to drive it over to Earl’s place for a fix, I used this spring clamp and was firmly pushing down on the wheel with both hands to prevent it from coming off. It was the most stressful 3 mile drive of my life. Luckily it’s a pretty straight shot from my house without much traffic.

Don’t try this at home!