Photo Challenge: Liquid

It’s been a rainy Saturday, so a good fit for the liquid theme this week. I tried to get a shot of the roof in my sunroom with a bunch of ripples but wasn’t very successful.

Where Have You Been Google Street View?

The Google Street View of my house is quite old. This is what is shown now.


It was taken in September of 2012 before vinyl siding was put on the house, all of the trees were cut down, and the yard was completely landscaped.


Other than the snow this one from November 2008 isn’t much different.

Google Street View has an update schedule, but Michigan isn’t even listed.

Link Dump – 2018/05/17


One Flight Five Flicks

Yesterday on the flight from Barcelona to Atlanta I was able to watch five movies.


The Post: One of my favorite movies in recent memory. I wonder if the current President’s attacks on the media had an influence on my opinion.


American Made: I really enjoyed this one as well. Probably helped to have some of the background from watching Narcos.


Murder on the Orient Express: I’ve wanted to watch this since seeing the first trailer. It didn’t disappoint. I had to pause and take a nap halfway through due to being up so early.


Suburbicon: I would not watch this again. Some of the story lines didn’t seem to fit together.


All I See Is You: I’d never even heard of this one but needed something under 2 hours in order to finish before landing. Was ok for a random pick.

View of the Balearic Sea

Yesterday I ran up the mountain by the place we’ve rented for the week, which I think is in the middle of the photo if you zoom in. The views were gorgeous.