Kid Letters

Do you remember getting mail when you were younger? It was always exciting. Then we grew up and bills took the joy out of mail.

I wrote letters to my nieces and included a few things like certificates for free ice cream when we go on vacation this summer. They were very excited and wrote back right away.

I may have created monsters. When I told my sister to let the girls know I received their awesome letters, Kennedy asked if I was going to send another letter back. Some day kid. Maybe I should get her an email account instead.

Lamp Repair: Replace Touch Control with a Switch

My Mom’s bedroom lamp was malfunctioning so I told her to send it down with my Dad and I’d take a look at it.

The lamp uses a very common TA-306A touch control unit and the BT134 thyristor on the board often gets fried. I think this might have been my bedroom lamp when I lived with my parents 20 years ago, so there is no sense buying parts for it. I replaced the touch controls with a switch I salvaged from a different lamp.

Why Do [People|Women|Men|Kids]…

Google search suggestions can be quite interesting. I’ve seen people post similar screenshots in the past and one morning, before I got out of bed, I came up with the idea to see what “Why do…” would show. I used an incognito window so the results wouldn’t be influenced by my Google account.

Link Dump – 2018/04/26

’67-’68 Michigan Map

Remember when everyone kept a map in their glovebox? This old Michigan map was in a stack of documentation the seller gave me when I bought the ’68 truck.


The 1960 Census info on this map had Rogers City with a population of 4,722 and 98,265 for Saginaw. Quite a difference from 2,827 and 51,508 in 2010.

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