Streaming TV Update

A year after I cancelled cable TV, I’ve made more changes. My friend Casey had been using DIRECTV NOW¬†and told me about an offer where they were giving a free Apple TV 4K if you prepaid for the first 4 months. I looked into it and noticed the service provided ABC, CBS, and NBC, which is something Playstation Vue was lacking. PV had On Demand, but not live TV, which is kind of important for watching sports.

So switching was no-brainer, especially since Playstation Vue raised their rates. I was also able to get rid of the Tablo DVR and antenna I was using to pick up the 3 main channels. The Tablo app for Apple TV was disappointing and I was never able to get the antenna placed right, so some of the channels didn’t work very well when I did try to watch something. I’m going to use the 5 TB hard drive for video storage because I’m always filling up the drive on my MacBook when editing in iMovie.


So far DIRECTV NOW is fine for the TV I watch and I hear a beta version of their app is pretty solid. The Apple TV app for Playstation Vue was definitely better though.

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