Kindle Paperwhite

I haven’t had time to set up the new Kindle I bought on Amazon Prime Day, but you better believe I’m taking it with me tomorrow on my trip to the 2017 Automattic Grand Meetup because I usually read on flights. 11pm the night before leaving, without having packed yet, seems like a good time to set this up. Don’t you agree?

“The Defenders” Was Pretty Good

Last night I finished watching Marvel’s The Defenders on Netflix. It was a good 8 episodes bringing together the characters from the 4 individual shows. If I had to rank them I’d probably put Dare Devil and Jessica Jones at the top, then Defenders or Luke Cage, and Iron Fist at the bottom.

I’m looking forward to The Punisher series. As far as other shows on Netflix, I’ll watch Narcos season 3 next and then maybe The Keepers.

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