Refill Tomorrow

I had to stop at the pharmacy today to fill a prescription for a cheap antibiotic. Since I’m leaving town on Monday and would run out of pills during the trip, I asked if they could process the refill right away.

“The computer won’t let us. You can come back tomorrow and get a refill though.”

Isn’t healthcare in America great?



On Amazon Prime day, I bought a 23andMe DNA Test for 50% off. The test tube was exactly the same as the one for FitnessGenes. Once they received my kit, it took 26 days to get my results.

I’m not impressed with the reports; seemed like there was a lot more interesting data with FitnessGenes. Here are some things that stood out.

My ancestors came from Europe. Gee, big surprise.


I’m 59% more likely to prefer salty over sweet. BZZZZ, WRONG!

My genes predispose me to weigh about 6% less than average.

I’m likely lactose tolerant. Definitely.

One piece of info I feel good about is I don’t have the most common variant (ε4 in the APOE gene) associated with late-onset Alzheimer’s. Papa Momrik had it, so it’s always in the back of my mind. At least I’m less likely to be affected by the disease.