The MagPi Magazine: Issue 57

This morning when I saw the latest issue of The MagPi Magazine came with an exclusive Google kit, I wanted it. I was up early for a golf meeting and some errands so I stopped at Barnes & Noble to see if they had any copies. I was excited to find a couple on the shelf!

Easy to find in a sea of magazines.

The woman working the register said she had just put them out and there was actually a 3rd copy that was coming apart so she was going to glue it back together.

At $15 for a magazine, I don’t think you can really call this a “free” kit, but it’s still a good value. I don’t think I’ve ever “unboxed” a magazine before…

I love the emphasis on the maker here. Google is in this together with us.
The actual magazine is the first thing you see when you open the box.
A sheet with the typical warnings and instructions.
The fun stuff! Various electronics parts and cardboard pieces to make a case.
I guess the kits come with either a green, yellow, red or blue button.

This will be neat to mess around with. I’ve thought about turning one of my Pis into an Alexa type device to put in my office or bedroom and could easily do it now. If you have any project ideas involving voice, let me know.

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