How to Refresh YouTube Subscriptions on AppleTV

Caches are great for speed, but when they don’t update often enough, it’s a confusing experience in an app or on a web site. I use YouTube Subscriptions almost every day on my AppleTV and it rarely shows me the latest videos, which I can see when browsing my subs on in a browser. There’s no obvious way to force a refresh in the AppleTV app, but I found these tips in the Google Forums.

Restart the app:
  • Double press the Home button on the remote (The TV icon).
  • Swipe up on the YouTube app to force quit it.
  • Reopen the YouTube app.
Refresh the page:
  • Due to caching, you might need to navigate away from the Subscriptions page and back to it a couple of times.
  • For example, if you’re currently on Subscriptions, go to Home, then back to Subscriptions, then back to Home, then back to Subscriptions. The Subscriptions should be refreshed to reflect your current account.
This is the type of problem that’s confusing when we have new-ish user interfaces like the AppleTV and its remote. Think back to the first time you learned about swiping down from the top of the screen in most iOS apps to force a refresh or tapping the top of the screen to jump to the top of a scrolled page/list.