Quick Forget

This week I came across a company domain I didn’t know we had.


It’s a very simple web service which allows you to store a secret, set an expiration, and then provides a URL so you can share it. When someone uses the special URL, if the expiration hasn’t passed they’ll be able see the secret.

Why would you need something like this? Maybe you want to share a password with someone. For security you shouldn’t send a password via email or text message, where it’s always visible in plain text. You can use something like this to send the URL and if you set it to expire after 1 viewing anyone else who finds the URL will not be able to view the secret.

This is what a 1 time view secret looks like when the URL is accessed…


If I try to reload the page…


Nifty, right?

We’ve had an internal Automattic tool called Once for years that does this same thing and I use it all the time when I need to send a password to a coworker. Give Quick Forget a try!