I Created a Game

Since getting Adafruit’s AdaBox001 and a bunch of other components I’ve been experimenting and learning a lot. I got started on my garage sensor project, but fried the LCD and temperature sensor so it’s on hold until I get some new parts. Other than that I haven’t really built anything useful. I was playing with fire (effects) last weekend, which got me wondering what I might be able to do with the NeoPixel FeatherWing I was using.

I decided to create a game I could play with my 6-year-old niece over the holiday weekend. To get her involved I wanted to have some configuration options. I came up with a dice game, similar to the card game War, because it’s very basic and easy to understand for a young kid. I got a good start on Saturday night and had a fully functional version by lunch on Sunday. I’m calling it War of Dice.

I made a little demo video to show how it works. The focus kind of sucks, but I wasn’t recording a 4th take. Not sure if the brightness of the LEDs was causing an issue with the GoPro or it was too close for my camera settings.

Everything is open source and available on GitHub where I also provide links to the parts used. Enjoy!

There have definitely been some frustrations through this whole learning process and working inside the Arduino IDE, which uses C. I learned how to code using C++ (we didn’t use any Visual) in college, almost 20 years ago! Probably haven’t touched C since though. I guess what’s old is new again.

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