A Wallet Update

It’s barely 10 days since my post about wallets, but I already have an update. Matt sent a Q Card Case my way. I’ve always been very anti-case for my iPhone. I don’t like the extra bulk.

I’ve never gone wrong with a product recommended by Matt, so I was willing to try it. I needed to minimize even more to make it work. No more backup credit card. If something happens to my everyday card I can use my debit. My flex spending benefits card also got left out, because I only use it every 4-5 weeks. I can’t get myself to completely part with cash, even though I rarely use it, but I cut down to a couple of twenties.

The first time I put the case on and headed out of the house I was pleasantly surprised how free I felt. Without a wallet, there was one less thing to grab and keep track of. When I arrived home I’d slip the case off because I definitely wasn’t carrying it around the house. I continued using the case each time I left the house.

I didn’t expect this outcome, but it’s here to stay. Minimizing down to a credit card, driver’s license, and debit card feels right.

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