In Search of the Perfect Wallet

Many years ago, I started the search for my ideal wallet. I wanted something light with easy access to the items I was carrying. I’ve tried countless different products. These are some of my favorites.


I found the Jimi in 2005, but never actually carried one. It was too bulky for me. I have kept it in my vehicle ever since though. It holds various reward, membership, and punch cards I would never want to carry with me 24/7.


When I found the Slimmy in 2010 I think it was the first time I drastically reduced what I carried around and started putting my wallet in a front pocket. It was such a great wallet I replaced it with a newer version in 2013. Occasionally things would fall out of the wallet though. Not good.


In 2014 I came across Ainste and their Small Evan wallet seemed like it would solve the issue I had with the Slimmy. With the rubberband it was actually thinner overall too. The Even had its own issues though. Accessing cards wasn’t easy at all and the biggest problem was the damn rubberband. I had two of them snap while traveling. Without the rubberband, the wallet becomes a folded piece of leather. Useless.


Earlier this year I may have found perfection with the Ridge wallet (referral link for 10% off). I bought the cash strap version. It is more compact than any of the other wallets, securely holds cards and cash, feels great in your hand, and even blocks RFID. I’ve been using it since March and don’t have a single complaint.

Do you have a favorite wallet?