If, Not When

I woke up this morning and was shocked to see that Rhonda Rousey got her ass beat by Holly Holm. I quickly went to ESPN to look for some videos. I watched a post-fight interview with Holm where she showed class and respect compared to the over confidence Rousey displays.

As I made my coffee I was thinking it would be nice if athletes were more honest. You always hear them say things similar to:

  • “I knew I was going to win.”
  • “No, losing never entered my mind.”

Which I think is some bullshit. They’re human like the rest of us. Not even 15 minutes later on SportsCenter they showed more of the post-fight interview. One part got my attention.

A lot of people, even when I say “Well, if I win.” No, they go, “When you win.” […] I love that, that people have that belief in me, but I always say, “if” just because the work isn’t done yet. I like to wait ’til I’m in there. I don’t ever want to feel like somethings done before I do it. I want to get in there and know the time is now.

Holly Holm

Quiet confidence and honesty. Refreshing.

Drive a Hybrid

The amount of money I’m saving on gas is pretty nice. The average MPG calculated in this GasTracker+ iOS app has been lower than the 41.8 the car’s dashboard shows.