Rep Max Calculator

I use estimated rep and weight calculations multiple times a week in the gym and when planning out my training for the week. Some of the calculators out there are better than others. I’ve been using the one from All Things Gym for about a year, but I knew I could improve it. Since the author released all of the code on CodePen, I did just that.

I’ve improved the code to create my version of a rep max calculator and bought an obvious domain name – Most of the time when I need an estimate I’m on my phone, so it was important for this to have a good mobile experience, which I think I’ve accomplished. If you’re using an iPhone, save it to your home screen so it launches just like an app, not in another Safari tab.

Try it out and let me know what you think. I’ve love to hear suggestions on ways it could be better.


Figure Out Why You’re Weak

At Automattic we do many things different than successful companies of the past. Here’s a glimpse of the kind of discussions we have behind the scenes.

If there’s an area you’re weak, try to figure out the root causes of why you’re weak, and where possible try to improve the environment that creates the problem before pinning the turnaround on a “Jesus hire.”

via Advice and Fallacies – Matt Mullenweg