Adult Version of the Ice Cream Truck

Whenever I hear the UPS truck driving through the neighborhood I get excited and try to remember if I ordered anything. More often than not though, the truck doesn’t stop at my house.

I think I’d be pretty excited to hear an actual ice cream truck though.


Chart of 9 hole golf rounds by year

This chart shows the number of 9 hole rounds (scoring my own ball) I’ve played each year. I’ve played more golf than this, but some rounds are scrambles or other team formats, which I don’t keep track of. In 2011 (before discovering CrossFit) I played 285 nines and had my best scoring average (41.83).

Not Even Close

Waiter (in training): “Can I get you something to drink?”
Me: “Do you have Mountain Dew?”
Waiter: “Yes.”
Me: “Great.”
Waitress (his trainer): “Did you just tell him we have something we don’t?” She looks at me and says, “We have Coke products.”
Waiter: “Well, we have Mellow Yellow. It’s pretty much the same thing.”
Me: “No. It’s not even close. I’ll take a Coke.”
Waitress (as they walk away): “You almost ruined his day.”

Damn right! Do not disrespect the Dew like that!

End of Life?

My iPhone charge cable is closer to death each day. Can it hang on until the new iPhone is released?