Shooting With Dad

One of the things I remember most about my childhood was going out to the woods with my Dad. These trips were to scout deer, work on a blind, or sometimes probably just to get out of Rogers City and walk around. We’d always stop at the gas station and Dad would buy me a candy bar and a pop.

Sometimes on our jaunts off to the woods, we’d bring his .22 revolver and a box of ammo. The pop bottles came in handy as targets after we guzzled them down, but we’d also find old rusted beer cans and various other things to shoot at. It was just me and Dad having fun, with no one else within miles.

I hunted deer and rabbits with Dad in high school, but stopped when I left home for college and took up other interests. I never lost the desire to shoot, but stopped making time for it.

For the last couple of years I’ve been thinking about buying a gun, but never pulled the trigger to proceed with the idea. Then a few months ago, I went to shoot some pistols with a couple of friends. We had a lot of fun and I started thinking about picking up a gun again.

I mentioned it to Dad and asked if he’d help me find a .22 long rifle. He was more than happy to help and was able to find a H&K 416 D145RS .22 LR at a small little shop in Alpena. I did a little research on the gun and couldn’t believe they had one there. I told him to go buy it ASAP! Since I was out in Phoenix for the winter it would be awhile before I’d get to shoot it, but that didn’t matter since finding magazines and ammo for the gun proved to be quite difficult.

I came up to Rogers City for Mother’s Day weekend and finally got to shoot today. The gun is really accurate with the stock sites and shoots great. It was so much fun! Dad brought along his muzzleloader to try some new loads.

We didn’t kill anyone and nobody got hurt. There is no need to take away our guns.

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